Alen Beatport


DJ ALEN works as a DJ since 1995. He debuted in Garage club, becoming one of the pioneers of the Croatian house scene. He continues with house nights in the legendary Gjuro 2 club, developing his passion for electronic music with world underground trends and defining his delicate taste for melodic and sofisticated- intelligent house. He was seen on the first afters in the city in 1997 and 1998, as a DJ with special sense for crowd vibes and filling the dance floor… He was working as a radio DJ on the local radio Cibona for two years ( ‘98- ’00 ).In 1999. he opened one of the first vinyl shops in Croatia-OVERSOUND, with whose name he began to sign himself. In that time, his acts on splendid house evenings in the foaje of the « Vidra « theatre attracted lots of Zagreb’ clubbers. ‘98 i ’99 began « Kraljevstvo « as a prime success of the underground ere in the « Best « club, where DJ Alen often played. He continues his performing in the guiding Zagreb’ club in the programe called « Magic grooves «. During the years, his music horisonts have spread on trance and techno beats, which led him playing, accept in « Happy «, in « Trancevision « and « Direct drive « programs in « Sokol « club. One of his best acts is on NY Eve 2000 « Back to the future « in Dubrovnik ( Lazareti), a party known as a dashing clubbing expirience in a really desirable ambient…He also participated in one of the biggest media events of the year 1999. on Zagreb’ fair- 15. anniversary of the 101 radio. In the year 2000. he bacame one of the first croatian DJs experimenting with the east market and playing in Beograd- in the club « Hypno «. He played all over Croatia ( Pakrac- Baja club, Osijek- Bastion, Sl.brod- Bastion, Varazdin- Ex ), especially during the summer tours (Šibenik- Midnight, Novalja- Beach party, Hvar- Kopito, Crikvenica- Flash…). During 2000. and 2001. he is in the centre of the croatian underground scene on VIP floor on « Perfection «, « Liquid « and « Futurescope « in Best, « Happy «, « Liquid « and « Reactivate « in OTV club, « Technology « in the « Viva piva « tent, « Trancevision « in Tocka club and Fun academy club in Rijeka, « Magic grooves « in Madonna club in Opatija… Music producing featuring Cortex production and « LOVE BOAT «- the first Croatian party on board, followed by public’ delighted approving, represent the success of the year 2001. His work continues in 2002. with spectacular NY Eve in Best and permanent residency on VIP floor on « Futurescope «, « Retroscope «, « VIP masters night « in Best. During his career, he combined soft and tender sounds of happy house with harder beats of tech-house, trible and progressive house, leading to quality and modern sounds, professionally performed in his sets.