Alen has signed his music to one of the most important electronic music labels on the planet, Pornographic Recordings (Cristian Varela) and 1605 Music Therapy (Umek), plus ... read more
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Alen has signed his music to one of the most important electronic music labels on the planet, Pornographic Recordings (Cristian Varela) and 1605 Music Therapy (Umek), plus more than 30 record labels.

It’s difficult, almost impossible do categorize his music. It’s very fresh and experimental. It has old school flavor with new and contemporary beats. It’s Techno/Tech-House with funky touch and relentless groove. Melody mixed in raw power of Techno.

His tracks are supported, played and charted by dj’s and artists like: Cristian Varela, Carl Cox, Umek, John Acquaviva, Marco Bailey, Danny Howells, Nic Fanciulli, Slam, Lemon 8, Dave Seaman, Claude Young, Marko Nastic, Joseph Capriati, Jon Rundell, Tom Hades, Tim Baker, Michael Woods, Richard Dinsdale and many more…


- Pornographic Recordings, Spain

- 1605 Music Therapy, Slovenia

- InterTech Records, Canada / BiH

- Sabotage Records, Greece

- Clubstar Records, Germany

- Punch Underground, Brazil

- Night Light Records, BiH

- Incorrect Music, USA

- No-Logik, Italy

- Selected Records, Spain

- Lucky Records Light, SR

- Vezotonik Records, Slovenia

- Mad Hatter Recordings, UK

- Capital Techno, USA

- Low Pressings, UK

- Work Hard Play Hard, Holland

- Laus Music, UK

- Gobsmacked Records, Germany

- Cannabis Records, Spain

- Estrada Records, Serbia

- Unaffected Records, Czech Republic

- Mad Hatter – HRD, UK / USA

- Urban Kickz Recordings, USA

- Proud Sound, UK

- Dub Records, Croatia

- StarsTraxx Reloaded, France

- BM Slim, Croatia

- Guilhotina Records, Brazil

- Techno Addicted Records, Spain

- Insulated Room Records, Slovenia

- Code2 Records, Germany

- New World Order Records, Slovenia

- Intuition Records, Portugal

- Tech Art Records, Croatia

- Free Spirit Records, Slovenia

- RBL Records, Belgium


- Scream EP, 12" Vinyl (Pornographic Recordings, Spain) Vinyl 12", November 29. 2010

- Space Tech (Mad Hatter Recordings, UK)

- Sun Rising (Punch Underground, Brazil)

- Jump On EP (Tech Art Records, Croatia) April 17. 2010

- Cactus EP (Guilhotina Records, Brazil) March 15. 2010

- Burnout EP (Mad Hatter – HRD, UK / USA) Jan 27. 2010 / MHR-HRD008

- Addicted EP (Techno Addicted Records, Spain) Jan 15. 2010 / DOSE 011

- Break The Synth EP (Unaffected Records, Czech Republic) Feb 27. 2010

- Wanda EP (Guilhotina Records, Brazil) August 03.2009

- Universum EP (StarsTraxx Reloaded, France) October 28.2009 / STRRLD 003

- Nuclear Meltdown EP (InterTech Records) July 15. 2010

- Intersound EP (InterTech Records) July 01. 2010

- Trip To Taj Mahal EP (With Malda) August 04. 2010



- Destructive Mood (Original Mix) (Capital Techno Records, USA)

- Projekt Inertia – Fall Away Like Rain (Alen Milivojevic Club Mix) (Clubstar Records)

- Back To Detroit (Original Mix) (Incorrect Music) USA

- Anomalist (Original Mix) (1605 Music Therapy, Slovenia) December 25, 2010

- Taboo (Original Mix) (Pornographic Recordings, Spain) March 30, 2010

- Pyroclast (Original Mix) (Gobsmacked Records, Germany)

- Carbonized (Original Mix) (Vezotonik Records, Slovenia) March 2010

- Progressions (Original Mix) (Unaffected Records, Czech Republic)

- Fabian Jakopetz & Way – Rheuma (feat Alen Milivojevic) (BM Slim, Croatia)

- Krompiracha (Original Mix) (Free Spirit Records, Slovenia)

- Molecules (Original Mix) (Code2 Records, Germany) December 21.2009

- Personal Access (Original Mix) (StarsTraxx Reloaded, France)

- Smoke (Original Mix) (Unaffected Records, Czech Republic) UARS 003 October 21.2009

- Jump On (Original Mix) (Unaffected Records, Czech Republic) UARS 005 TBA

- Destructive Mood (Original Mix) (Capital Techno, USA)

- Heat (Original Mix) (Urban Kickz Recordings, USA)



- Cristian Varela – AL2 (Alen Milivojevic Remix) (Lucky Records Light, SR)

- Haris – Party Zan (Mili Sefic & Alen Milivojevic Remix) (Laus Music, UK)

- Alvaro Medina – Lapu Lapu (Alen Milivojevic Remix) (Pornographic Recordings, Spain) may 2011

- Gabriel D’or & Bordoy – We Have to Blackmail (Alen Milivojevic Remix) (Selected Records) may 2011

- Louis Proud & Format 4 – Mind Games (Alen Milivojevic Remix) (Proud Sound, UK)

- Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge – Let Us Explain (Alen Milivojevic Remix) (Sabotage, Greece)

- Projekt Inertia – Fall Away Like Rain (Alen Milivojevic Club Mix) (Low Pressings) november 2010

- Miroslav Pavlovic – Tanyah (Estrada Records, Serbia)

- Luky RDUTHC (Alen Milivojevic Remix) (Cannabis Records, Spain)

- Jakopetz & Way – Global Recession (No-Logik Records, Italy)

- Danny Dewills – Electronic Drug (Dub Records, Croatia) July 2010

- Speedy – Latina (Malda & Alen Milivojevic Remix) (Work Hard Play Hard, Holland)

- Miche – M2 (Alen Milivojevic RMX) (Guilhotina Records, Brazil) December 2009

- Steel Grooves – Remind Me Why (Alen Milivojevic RMX) (Unaffected Records, CZE) 14.12.2009.

- Jeff Only – A State of Determiation (Alen Milivojevic RMX) (Techno Addicted Records, Spain) April 15.2010

- The Frog – Sntntn (Alen Milivojevic RMX) (Guilhotina Records, Brazil) February 22.2010

- The Frog – Girls just want to have fun (Alen Milivojevic RMX) (Guilhotina Records, Brazil) February 22.2010

- Micha – Hellraiser (Malda & Alen Milivojevic remix) (Red Section, Croatia) March 14.2010

- Samuel Dilucas – Closer (Alen Milivojevic remix) (RBL Records, Belgium) March 04.2010

- Jason Grey – Haunted (Malda & Alen Milivojevic remix) (Unaffected Records, CZE) March 30.2010

- Crazyteck – Fission (Alen Milivojevic RMX) (InterTech Records) July 15.2010

- CrazyTeck & MGMX – Degeneration (Alen Milivojevic Funk Up Mix) (InterTech Records) September 01.2010

- CrazyTeck – Soft Resistance (Alen Milivojevic Pressure Mix) (InterTech Records)


Alen Milivojevic