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Alem is a DJ, MC, Music & Video Producer, Entertainer,

Web & Graphic Designer etc.

Hailing from Bremen, Germany, Alem has been on the DJ scene

internationally for 15 years. On top of being an extraordinary

DJ, MC and Producer, Alem is an entertainer. He always makes

sure to put on a show while in charge as DJ. Don’t be surprised

if you see him in a funky costume and playing along to the beats

with his keyboard while mixing the music he plays with music

videos. You can watch it on big screens and dance. His music

styles are House, HipHop, RnB & International tunes.

His impressive career started back in 1995 while spinning in

youth clubs. Fast forward 15 years. If you take a look back

and review Alem’s resume, it’s pretty damn good.


1977 Born and raised up in Germany

1995 Start D.J.‘ing in a youth club

1996 Begin to mixing in the clubs

1998 Broadcasting Alem FM (1998 – 2003)

1999 Community/Civil Service

2002 Yamaha Music School

2003 Alem Entertainment for Events, Design & Music is born

2006 First steps in U.S.A

2007 Alem is the first video DJ in the turkish music scene

2008 Turkish Parade in New York. Tarkan’s tour D.J.

2009 Live sounds in the clubs with his keyboard

2010 Beyaz Show’s tour D.J.

Alem can be booked for almost all kinds of events.

He is also planning on his first music project.

He will producing music on world wide level.

How many peoples ? Here are the top 5:

1. Turkish Parade – New York – 16000 Peoples

2. EM Public Viewing – Oldenburg/GER – 14000 Peoples

3. Tarkan – Düsseldorf/GER – Phillipshalle – 8000 Peoples

4. Tarkan – München – Zenith – 6000 Peoples

5. Beyaz Show – Düsseldorf/GER – Phillipshalle – 5000 Peoples

On tour with: Tarkan, Metin Arolat, Sezen Aksu & Beyaz Show

Aftershowparty: Tarkan, Usher, Beyaz Show, Serdar Ortac, Ebru Gündes,

Mustafa Sandal, Emrah, Metin Arolat, Rafet El Roman, Reyhan Karaca,

Ismail YK, Hakan Peker, Sinan Özen, Demet Akalin, Özcan Deniz,

Mahsun Kirmizigül, Tugce San, Ferda Anil Yarkin, Didem, Gürkan,

Gökhan Tepe, Ebru Yasar, Nez, Rober Hatemo, Sultan Of The Dance,

Yildiz Tilbe, Haluk Levent, Nez, Orhan Ölmez, Yusuf Güney etc.

With his one-of-a-kind performances and awesome live mixes,

it’s no surprise that all these stars like him.

DJ Alem’s Top 25 DJ Sessions:

01. Turkish Parade, New York, USA

02. Tarkan, Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany

03. Beyaz Show, Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany

04. EM 2008 Public Viewing, Oldenburg, Germany

05. Turkish Party, Pacha, New York, USA

06. Dilaila, Zurich, Switzerland

07. Rakkas, Palladium, Cologne, Germany

08. Halikarnas, Bodrum, Turkey

09. Bodrum Club, Sofiensaal, Vienna, Austria

10. Halloween Ball, Civic Center, San Francisco, USA

11. Turkish Festival, Daley Plaza, Chicago, USA

12. Demet Akalin, Alexander Palace, London, England

13. Orient House, Gaswerk, Hamburg, Germany

14. Taksim, Bochum, Germany

15. Turkish Night, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

16. MGM, Stuttgart, Germany

17. Divane Deluxe, Munich, Germany

18. Jade, Frankfurt, Germany

19. Portaxe, Istanbul, Turkey

20. Now&Wow, Rotterdam, Netherlands