DJ Aleksij is the DJ in Slovenia!And soon all the other countries will be aware of him!Wherever he plays he injects his inovative touch and personal music selection that do... read more
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Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia
Genre: House

DJ Aleksij is the DJ in Slovenia!And soon all the other countries will be aware of him!Wherever he plays he injects his inovative touch and personal music selection that doesnt amaze only the crowds,but djs as well from all over the board!

He djs for almost a decade now and there isn’t a club or special event that wasnt graced by his prence since he started to dj!He si known for his unfinished energy that can last for dj sets up to 16 hours!In the near future he plans to da 24 hour set to please him and his audience!

As almost every dj on the planet Aleksij started in the same way!Both the first records and a pair of turntables!After the first apearances in the first open air raves near his home town Nova Gorica,he was

noticed by Valentino Kanzyani just simply suplying a mix tape!Valentino was the resident dj of the famous Ambasada Gavioli in Izola, Slovenia.Aleksij got his first gig there and impressed the crowd and owners so much that he got the reidency soon after!The forst residency finished in march 1999 because of disagreaments between him and the management!

In october of 1998 he set up his own organisation House Spectrum which contribute so much in the development of house scene in Slovenia.The organisation started with the intention to bring innovative house djs and producers to the slovene audience!Many djs were brought in for the first time!The Beginerz,Paulette,James Talk,Mark Knight,Nic Fanciulli,Wally Lopez,Terry Francis were all plaesed by the excelent audience at the House Spectrum Parties!

After being constantly on the road all over Slovenia,Croatia,Bosnia,Austria and Italy Aleksij was offered to mix the first ever mixed house cd in Slovenia!It was a succes and soon we can axpect a new cd to be published!

On the House Spectrum vol.1 was also DJ Aleksij’s first ever produced track “Get Some”!As a support to the cd was made a video for the track!The track stayed on top of the national video chart for 10 weeks!

In 2005 DJ Aleksij teamed up with Angel Anx and a stream of original productions followed!The first track doem by the duo “Fatal Song” was noticed by the award winning records label Cr2!The track was included in the United nations of House double cd and sampler which gathered the best new talent in the new stream of house producers such as Eric Prydz,low End Specialists,LeeCabrere and many others!The track was later selcted to be part of the Pacha Winter sessions vol.4 mixed by Hector Romero and Juan Diaz!The first ep is due to be released in July 2006 on the respectable UK inprint Wax Habit!Its a two track ep with 2 tracks to die for “Don’t Loose Yourself” and “E Abduction” and includes a remix by Def-E of the Beginerz fame!The tracks gained early support from Kamisshake,Nic Fanciulli,james Talk,Paolo Martini,John Aquaviva,Mark Knight and the list can go on and on!One of the New tracks “Blow” will be included in the outstanding EP series “Leaders of the new school”on the Mark Knights amazing label Toolroom!This is just the begining!Soon to be released remixes for Def-E,Mark Knight,Dj Exacta,Mr Mike and Chus & Penn on labels such as toolroom,Stereo,Compulsive and map Dance will only consolidate DJ Aleksij apart from being an outstanding dj,also a very promising producer that will deliver cutting edge productions to djs across the board!

In the year 2005 DJ Aleksij is back at the Ambasada Gavioli!The Club was brought back to life by Ultimed Music and Aleksij is really happy to be part of the mission again!Excelent parties we drown lately and the club is alive more than ever!

DJ Aleksij performed at the most important events in Slovenia and abroad!Parties like MTV Valkana Beach,Meet Me,Syndustry,Rabac Summer Festival as well clubs like Alter Ego(Verona),Smoove Vida(Vicenza),El Festival(Desenzano),Metropolis(Split),Exodos(Pordenone),Paradise(Pordenone), Mr.Charlie(Lignano).Prinzip(Munich),

Boogaloo(Zagreb),Senator(Sarajevo),Lazareti(Dubrovnik),Coloseum(Rijeka),Fort Burgignon(Pula) and many many others!He shared the dj booth with the likes of Mark Knight,Felix Da Housecat,Mousse T,Alex Neri,Ralf,Eric Prydz,Richard Dinsdale,Chris Lake,Nic Fanciulli,Shapeshifters,Beginerz,Frenkie Knuckles,LeeCabrera,Sasha,Seamus Haji,John Digweed,Layo&Bushwacka!,Silicone Soul and never failed to impress the crowd!