Alejandro Rado Beatport


Alejandro Rado was born the 22 of September of 1980, in Montevideo, Uruguay. The first month of life he took root in Argentina.

With his great variety of musical likes that goes from pop to the heavy rock, throughout his childhood, he knew how to listen, hearing all the musical varieties and understanding the music.

In his adolescence he was a great consumer of Kiss and Iron Maiden, and on the other hand completely different music of Depeche Mode, Erasure, and other pop/electronic bands. In his “rock” time he played in different bands that were heavy metal, rock and finishing in a poop style band. Through that experience he obtained the professionalism of interacting with the public.

Today, he is a consumer of House in almost all its styles. Since 2004, he ahs wanted to plat nothing but House music. This was largely for his great desire of to be in a booth and to interact with people. The two people who influenced him to become a DJ were Aldo Haydar and Steve Lawler, two of the world’s biggest DJs.

Alejandro has shared booth with DJ Hernan Paredes in Circus Dances Club in Villa Constitution of Santa Fe. He has also played for pups like Wass UP in Devote and many private parties in Harem Bar (Tigre) next to DJ Juan Carlos Quintero and DJ Sebastian Ferron. At Raw 1030 he played next to the resident DJ Ariel Alvarez, DJ Hernan Paredes and DJ Pitu. In other placeshe has played with Dj Pablo Achy, DJ Gunas, Dj Alejandro Moraglio.

These days Alejandro Rado has a program called radio Dla Progressive. He also participates in Radiate with two sets; Summer night 2005 and Hot Summer 2005. Alejandro Rado and DJ Alejandro Moraglio do"Back To Back" programs of radio driven by DJ Alejandro Rado also does “We are not Angeles”.