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Alejandro Mosso

Berlin, Germany

Tech House

Air London, AIRDROP Records, Lomidhigh Organic
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After centuries of research, the definition of music still remains a plain mystery to all those who ventured into it – musicians, philosophers and scientists alike. Music, the art of producing beauty and harmony can certainly realize two things – touch and express the deepest of any living creature’s emotions, as well as trigger the urge to shake a leg. Alejandro Mosso has the natural gift to feed into both of these effects.

Born in 1983 at the foot of the Andes, in the remote region of Mendoza, Argentina, Alejandro Mosso propitiously received two legs, two arms and two ears joined firmly to his head by some singular synaptic connections. As his sensorial perception didn’t leave him content with the sole musical appreciation, Mosso quickly picked up his instrument of choice, the acoustic guitar.

From rock to postpunk to electropop, his skills placed him quite naturally in various local bands by the mid ‘90s. The craze revolving around DJs and house music that was hitting Europe at the time, did not necessarily reach all the way to Alejandro’s hometown. His interest for the electronic genre rather grew out of his unsatiable hunger for audio research and experimentation.

Alejandro Mosso quickly developed a distinctive sound. When you hear one of Mosso’s track, you can immediately tell it’s his. He created a heap of productions and chose the name Funzion for his musical alter ego. In 2004 his first EPs came out and the following year he released his first full album, ‘Hiperborea’. The first Funzion live performances were presented that same year during the Argentine and Chilean editions of the famed Mutek festival.

From there on, Mosso successfully collaborated with some weighty trade names as Sushitech, Esperanza, Alphahouse, Telegraph or Lomidhigh – for which he became one of the leading producers. Getting increasingly contented by his production, Alejandro Mosso decided to finally unveil his work under his given name and drop the Funzion mask for good.

In 2009, Sven Väth spotted Alejandro Mosso’s ‘Somebody’ – a ruthless groove released on Lomidhigh Organic – and picked it to open the 10th volume of his legendary Cocoon compilation. From there on, such historical labels as !K7, Mo’s Ferry or Ministry Of Sound have all jumped on the bandwagon to get their slice of Mosso.

2011 marked a turning point for the Argentine producer. Disappointed with the current labels’ fad of seeking and signing only club hits and ‘A-sides’, Alejandro decided to launch his own Mosso imprint, where he conveys the listener into his very own musical realm. A budding undertaking for which 2012 holds many surprises.