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His career began as a radio Dj and producer in 1993, where his passion for this media and dance music, led him to experiment in diverse projects within the electronic music area.

In a short period of time, he became an icon in the local dance scene.

During 1993 and 1994, and as a Dj for FM Energy 101 Radio, he played at a myriad of venues organized by the Radio every weekend, around Downtown B. A and its surroundings.

Later on, in 1997, while still working as a radio producer, he’s called in by Argentina’s famous electronic record label: “Oid Mortales”; also that year he lands his first residency at “Vynil” (Palacio Alsina).

In 1999, he releases his first record, edited in Argentina by Oid Mortales, and in the United States, by the prestigious label “Striclty Rhythm”.

The year finishes with Alejandro winning the “1999 Upcoming Dj Award” Category, given each year by D’mode Awards (organized by D’Mode Magazine) to the best new Dj in the country!

In the year 2000, he handpicks and mixes his own compilation, featuring many of the hot tracks of the moment, including monumental artists such as: Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Judge Jules and Moguai, among others.

During his sets, you’ll find yourself dancing to house, funky house, and a great deal of tribal house: the sound that characterizes him. In fact, Alejandro can be known as one of the first Dj’s in Argentina to ever include tribal house in his sets.

Currently, he is X4’s (FM 106.7) Radio Dj, the electronic radio station with more listeners in the country. Apart from being part of the DJ Staff, he has his own show, which airs every Monday from 01:00 to 04:00, called X Club, where you can listen to his latest productions, as well as news regarding the local and international house music scene.

As a music producer, he has a project called “Tribalismo”. For this project, he released last year his version of Ezequiel Dero’s techno batucada song, under the Vale Music label from Spain.

In July 2004, “Alejandro Montero after beach” mix was edited, which is his version of the song by Carlinhos Brown y Dero present Candyall Beat, called Maria Caipirinha.

The beginning of 2004, took him to the beach city of Mar del Plata, where he had his own live set show, every day of January, from 21:00 to 03.00, on X4 Radio (among performances at the club Palacio en Moria).

During February, his music became the soundtrack for every sunset at one of Buenos Aires€™ most beautiful beaches: Peru Beach.

March 2004: X4 Energy Drink signs him up to tour around Argentina, playing at some of the most important clubs in the country. The Tour began in March, taking him to cities such as: Rosario, Cordoba Capital, La Rioja Capital, Neuquen Capital, Rafaela (Santa Fe), Rio Tercero (Cordoba), Arroyo Seco (Santa Fe), Esquel, Bariloche (Rio Negro), San Miguel de Tucuman (Tucuman), Mendoza Capital, Ushuaia, Cutral-co (Neuquen), Cipolleti (Rio Negro), San Fernando del Valle (Catamarca), Bahia Blanca (Buenos Aires).

He started the year 2005, working at the beach resort of Pinamar, for X4 Radio, and Deodorant Rexona signs him up to be the Dj that will be in charge of the Dj lessons in their stand, this space is named Dj School, where you could find Alejandro Montero sharing his knowledge every day, from 18:00 to 24:00, until February 13th. During this period, more than 1800 people passed through the stand, in only 45 days!

Besides that, he also played at a club called “Ku” in Pinamar, for the X4 Sessions.

On March 7th, he’s chosen by the folks over at Playboy TV, to be part of a show that will select Miss Playboy TV 2005. Alejandro is the official Dj for the show at the house, where the contestants live.

Last April, the “Puro Diseño” (Pure Design) Fair begun at the Costa Salguero Convention Center, whith Alejandro being the Dj at the Cerveza Iguana (Iguana Beer) Chillout Stand.


His favorite DJs are Erick Morillo, Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, Westbam, Robbie Rivera, Murk, Danny Tenaglia.

His Favorite Artists Include Depeche Mode, Madonna, Moby, Royksopp, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers.

Dj Guests Include Heaven, Traxx, La Casona, Elsieland, Sky Rank, Coconor, Costa Salguero, Pacha, Big One, Molino Rojo, Cordoba, Ku, Pinamar, Ku, San Miguel, Nicanor, Ministerio Del Sonido, La Rioja, Dance Session-Misiones, Osa Club-Mendoza, Chez Manu, Ushuaia, Energy Party (Bs.As Art Center Loft) (1999, 2000), Tucuman Dance Parade, Tucuman 2000, Primavera Dance, Tucuman 1999, Olaf, Cordoba, Hangar, Cordoba, Lola, Chaco, Dance Parade, Rio Gallegos, Buenos Aires Energy Parade 1999, 2000, Energy Rave Ferrocarril Oeste, Coyote, Paraguay, Club Hipico Argentino, Pueblo Limite, Retro, Blue Velvet (Rosario), La Barra (Cordoba), Toc Toc, Rita (Neuquen), Carreras (Cordoba), Diva Satana (Santa Fe), Ambar, Disco (Esquel), Nocturno Club (Tucuman), Ticket (Neuquen), Kimica (Cipolleti), Wacros (Las Rosas), Francis (Venado Tuerto), Club Kronos (Ushuaia), Rocket (Bariloche)

Others Include National Tour Alongside Ezequiel Dero (1997/1998/1999/2000, Seven Up Truck (Mar Del Plata),(2000), Dj Musimundo (Mar Del Plata) (2000), Fiesta Blue (2001, 2002) Campo De Polo, D- Mode Awards (Club Hipico Argentino), Quilmes Events (Chaco) (2001), Malboro Events (Corrientes) (2001), Buenos Aires Dance Parade (Estadio Velez Sarfield) (2002), Dj Set, Kite Beach (2004), Dj Set, Peru Bech (2004), Nuevo Club Bs,As (2004), Dj Set, Damiano (2004), La Casa Del Bajo (Rosario) 2004, D-Mode Fiesta Aniversario,Malba (2004), Taura, Rosario (2004), D-Mode Awards,Hotel Faena (2004), Dj School, Meeting Point Rexona, Pinamar (2005)

Dj Guest Nationwide At Mendoza,San Juan, Neuquen, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Jujuy, Salta, Chubut, Tierra Del Fuego, Santa Cruz, Chaco, Misiones, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Ushuaia, Catamarca, La Rioja, Tucuman.

Projects Include 1992/2001 Energy 101 Fm, 1997/2004 Oid Mortales, 1997/2005 Revista D-Mode, 1999 Resident Dj, Vynil (Palacio Alsina), 1999/2001 Much Music, 2001/2004 Resident Dj Clubbers (Elsieland), 2004/2005 Dj Tour X4 Energy Drink, 2005 Meeting Point Rexona, Pinamar, 2001/2005 X4 Fm 106.7, 2005 Dj Residente X4 Club.