Alejandro Cheleros Beatport


A main character in modeling Italian’s electronic music scene, Alejandro Cheleros is a versatile artist who stands out through his wide-criterion musical selection and accurate technique. Alejandro Cheleros (Alessandro Dragonetto), Dj / Producer born in Naples. He begins to approach the world of dj-ing in 2006 with the passion for minimal/techno music. He always spread his energy and his emotions through his sets. Later together with a group of friends they started as pioneers for the electronic music scene . His outstanding and refined taste in music has allowed him to play with great national and international Djs. In his sets he combines tech house with influences of minimal techno, deep and groove. As a producer, he followed a great italian producer Stefano Calonico (aka.Rocco Detroit) from which he learned a lot about the elettronic music and after ,together, they collaborated for some techno projects.Currently he produces for various label. Follows Alejandro Cheleros on Best Digital Store!! As a producer, he has released on different labels in Italy and Germany. Currently he collaborates with a group of friends for Music Mates Records ,a project that started from Leano and Mimz in 2010. Follows Alejandro Cheleros on Best Digital Store!!