Alejandro Baratti was born on October 27th, 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since childhood he showed his interest in music, and played instruments such as the piano, guitar, and other percussion instruments. In 1996, influenced by bands such as Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, and New Order, he was drawn towards the whole nightlife scene, going from one nightclub to another, and quickly falling in love with turntables. In 2003, he enrolls in SONICA, the first electronic music school in Argentina, with Fernando Romano aka ROMAYN, DJ/producer, with hopes of developing his skills and knowledge even further. Romano passed his knowledge of electronic music and how to differentiate one style from another, such as Downtempo, Deep House, Progressive House, Trance, Break Beat,and D&B, among others. There he takes his first steps towards becoming a DJ with his now co-equiper Dj Ari Pikholtz. By that year he has already participated in various DJ conferences:06/07/03 (History of electronic music, lectured by Mariano Keselman and Mariano Argerich)09/20/03 ( Composite elements of different styles of electronic music, lectured by Maximiliano Donato)10/03/03 ( Electric guitar and bass in Electronic music, lectured by Pablo Akselrad)10/18/03 (Downtempo, by Robert Massoni) 11/15/03 ( Scratch, by Hernan Paredes)He begins to show up on the local scene, making events for SONICA, such as FORGET THE WORLD in which he is resident DJ together with Ari Pikholtz. In 2004, he begins perfecting his techniques in the use of drum machines, samplers, sound effects, loops, editing, and scratching, Under the wing of the expert DJ and turntablist-scratcher, HERNAN PAREDES. That year, he participated in another series of conferences:04/15/2004 (VJ techniques and softs, by OLIVERIO)06/05/2004 (Analog Synthesizers, past and present, by ERNESTO ROMERO, aka KLAUSS 05/23/2004 (History of House Music, by MIGUEL SILVER) 06/19/2004 (Knowledge exchange, by CARLOS ALFONSIN) 08/14/2004 (Music Production, by XAVIER ERKIZIA from Spain)09/05/2004 (Max " Msp Music and video software vanguard, by FRANCISCO COLASANTO)09/30/2004 (Minimal House, by FABIAN KESLER & DARK VIBRATIONS) 10/17/2004 (Scratching and Hip-Hip, by HERNAN PAREDES 2nd place DMC champion)10/09/2004 (Current tendencies, by por ALDO HAYDAR).In November 2005 he was as led to play live at the 4th annual Creamfields Buenos Aires festival, where over 60,000 people showed up to party. He dropped his set in the FIBERTEL tent, where he played relentlessly for over an hour, making the demanding crowd vibrate with energy. He began his residency at Jackos Bar, in Palermo Hollywood, with his friend DJ LEO RODRIGUEZ, for over a year, adding to this the different dates in which he participated as a guest DJ, summoned by Hernan Paredes and ROMAYN, in different clubs like WAS UP and MAROTES, among others. He kept being the resident DJ in the FORGET THE WORLD parties at TERRAZAS HEINEKEN (North Coast " Buenos Aires), making the crowd jump with his excellent music. That year, he broke into the top 1000 DJs on The DJ List.In 2005, took a class in musical production in PC with IGNACIO MOLINA (Producer " Composer). There he learned basic MIDI configuration, remixing, looping, rhythmic sequencing, editing, and sound effects, using programs such as Reason, Cubase, SX, Mixma, Soundforge, Rebirth, and Halion. He participated in the following conference that year:- 16/09/2005 (Open chat about his experience as a DJ, by BIG FABIO)He also played the KDT circuit (North Coast- BS AS), and was resident to a few private parties such as FORGET THE WORLD, PLAY-UP, CITRIX FEST, and participated in clubs like SIRA, JACKOS, and the WHITE ROOM. He takes part in playing the PERFECT BLEND via, together with NICOLAS BELAICH & ROBERT DI MAGGIO & ROMAYN, live and direct for the whole world to listen to. After working together at different events, ARI PIKHOLTZ, MARCELO FRATINI, NICOLAS BELAICH and BARATTI decide to form their own DJ agency, which they called FOUR SIDE. They had a few exclusive events at places like CLUB ZONE (the dance sector of LA DIOSA in North Coast, BS AS), ARKOS, BAHREIN (Central BS AS), KU (Olivos- BS AS), OXIGENO (Sancti Spiritu- Santa Fe), TIO FRANCIS (Venado Tuerto " Sante Fe), among others. During this time he was able to share the DJ booth with other well known artists such as PATRICH M (USA), DIEGO RO-K, TOMMY JACOBS, MARCELO MATTO, DAMIAN DP, Q.R.L.Y., GONZALO SOLIMANO, LUIS CALLEGARI, HERNAN PAREDES, ROMAYN, ROBERT DI MAGGIO, NICO SASSO, MAURO AP, MARCELO FRATINI, ARI PIKHOLTZ, NICOLAS BELAICH, LEO RODRIGUEZ, FOUR FACES, P.O.T, JC GOLDY, LEO K, PATO RAPA, and BRIAN PERONI. His sets are based on derived styles of House music, such as Progressive and Tribal, making his style as fun as it is groovy. This is why Alejandro Baratti has gained the respect of the public as well as his fellow DJs. Hes shown in these past three years that his career is on the rise, and he is already taking his first steps towards becoming a Producer, perfecting his skills as he searches for new sounds, constantly adding new tools to his sets.