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Alec Raw grew up in the 80s in Meissen, Germany. He first learned about electronic music in the mid-90s and came onto the scene at the age of 16, when the German techno scene was rapidly gaining popularity. Alec Raw was quickly influenced on the umpteen big Rave Events he visited and the excitement of the people at these parties. Now fully enmeshed in the electronic music lifestyle and inspired by contemporary DJ heroes, he began to teach himself mixing and dj techniques.

By 1997, Alec Raw had worked at Crazy Tunes, the German record store where blockbuster artist like Marc van Linden or Timo Maas bought her records. In 1999, he started deejaying and play live on stage in front of growing audiences. Amazingly, his first gig was a performance with Timo Maas. Since then, Alec Raw has performed at numerous gigs and big events, including underground warehouse parties and techno parades. He has played alongside famous artists such as Terence Parker, Timo Maas, DJ Shog, Dabruck & Klein, Cosmic Gate.

In his early deejaying years, Alec Raw was playing sets with hard techno and trance sounds. In 2002, he first discovered the sounds of house music. Soon after, his DJ sets were dominated by the positive groove of the house music style.

During his residency at Germany’s famous Dorian Club in 2004, Alec Raw became more and more passionate about house music and its deep soul. At the same time, he wanted to realize his own musical ideas and conceptions. That year, Alec Raw embarked on his exciting career in music production. After investing in recording and production equipment, he could finally play his original music for the screaming fans at his DJ gigs. The feedback was positive and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2006 Art of Doing Publishing Inc. Miami signed his songs. In 2007, “Raw Sessionz” was a global digital release on the virtual record label.

After a successful start in the digital world, will release Alec Raw’s new album on March 15th, 2008. The album is titled “Listen” and contains 10 new tracks produced in 2007. The sound on this album is more ‘electro house’ and is interwoven with both disco and rave elements. Check it out!