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Ale Reeves

Santiago, Chile

Tech House

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Involved in the electronic scene for more than six years, just in 2003 Ale Reeves starts her career as a Dj, dedicating herself to transform all the tracks she has played in. She has shared her set with several renowned djs in Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá, Ecuador and Mexico.

Her set is mainly based on electro, electro wave and techno, leading her public through a journey that awakens memories, including a remix of great hits from the 80s and 90s! Only to ignite later the track with the best techno.

Unforgettable performances such as Go West (the two later in Mendoza, Argentina), LOVEPARADE South America 2005 and 2006, The Edge (Panama City), Venezuela ( Margarita’s Island and Caracas) and Mexico (Mexico City and Queretaro) have confirmed that she has come to impose her music and energy.

Ale was educated in Dj School, under the coaching of Dj Wask and Dj Tressor and she has demonstrated that in her short experience she has been able to position herself with talent in front of her audience and inside the local electronic scene, just like she did when she was crowned Number 1 Dj in the Contest organized by the Municipality of Providencia (Juventud2mil) and also when she was one of the official faces for Loveparade South America 2005.

Achievements like these, along with her beauty, make the track become and idyllic scenario of sounds, images and performance. Among her current projects is the production of her own themes, under the wing of the renowned Dj, Tony Mass, and also continuing to pursue the conquer of the local and, of course, international scenes.

Now Ale Reeves is a leader from southamerica Djanes. Visit an contact in your web