Top 50k on The DJ List

Ale Lacroix

Buenos Aires, Argentina

AKA: Alejandro Lacroix


On a continuous back and forth journey between image and sound, Ale Lacroix’s career is manifested as an exploration of music in its relation with different mediums. Since he first appeared on MTV’s screen as a promise of the Latin American network, his knowledge on the tendencies which set the pulse artistically placed him on a spot of reference.

It was precisely during those seasons he spent in Miami meeting the demands of the international TV station that his DJ side, then a hobby that he perfectly combined with his rising VJ condition, began to show. However, after spinning at private parties and different bars in Florida’s entertainment capital, his bond with the decks, the records and the audience derived into a vocation. It is true that his artistic background reaches most every genre, but nowadays Ale finds his preferences well defined when he goes into a booth. During his sets he focuses on composing a harmonious mixture of House, Deep House and Funk. Sessions that evoke those evenings at Punta del Este’s beaches which marked the beginning of his professional career (Bikini Beach, Esturión de Montoya).

As his appearances became more frequent in a select circle related to electronic music in Buenos Aires, he obtained a position on the terraces of Clubland ([email protected] Buenos Aires), and his work was later on distinguished when he was called to take part of the line-ups of all the editions of the Creamfields BA festivals. Also, Ale Lacroix keeps up the relationship with his audience from Metrodance 95.1 FM, the radio station that has him hosting two weekly shows.