I started collecting records in 1988 after really being inspired by a Skinny Puppy show in Houston, TX at Number's. During the late 80's and early 90's I focused on the ind... read more
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Location: Austin, United States United States
Genre: Chill Out

I started collecting records in 1988 after really being inspired by a Skinny Puppy show in Houston, TX at Number’s. During the late 80’s and early 90’s I focused on the industrial sound. I had been picking up what would now be considered more of the mainstream techno at the time. In 1991, I was exposed to the real underground techno by Chris Anderson’s KTRU radio show. Techno and rave became my focus and I started shopping at Megazone Records run by Andrei Morant. In 1993, I moved away from DJ’ing for a bit and managed a band called Turquoise Insomnia. After a successful year and half managing this band they decided to call it quits and I went back to spinning techno and breakbeats for a bit until 1995. In late 1995, I started managing an indie-rock band called Secret Sunday and in 1996 started WE (Whitmire Empire) Records to release their first album. I focused on band management and running my record label and briefly managed Broken Note Records while I-45 was on tour. Other bands I managed, but not limited to, were Dethkultur BBQ, Alien Swirl and Magic Firesheep.

[insert info about Please Rewind And Play Again compilation series]

From 1998 – 2001 I spun trance, psy-trance, goa, techno, and hard house with shows throughout the US.. In 2002 I decided to take a break when the “scene” started to decline and government agencies tried to shut down as many events as they could. Right before, taking that break I did release a compilation of US downtempo artists titled Chill Room with the release party held at Asylum in Austin, TX.

In 2003, inspired by the compilation I released and the my love for acid jazz of the 90’s, I decided to completely change my style to downtempo. I held residences at Whiskey Bar, Foundation and Plush until 2008 when I decided to take a break again and focus on photography which I had also picked up in 2003.

In 2009, I was asked to fill in as DJ for I-45 during several SXSW shows and then asked to manage them again. Currently, I am I-45’s manager and tour dj. On Sun. Dec. 27, 2009 I kicked off my return as a future jazz / downtempo dj at Discotronix held at Plush in Austin, TX.

In 2010, expect a few monthly residences, some big events and the release of The Jazzier Side of Things 2. I hope to see you on the dance floor or the chill area soon.


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