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Albina Mango

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Electro House, Progressive House

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Albina Mango is a talented pretty young dj-girl from Russia (St.-Petersburg)

Albina’s been interested in music since her early ages. This hobby was admitted by her parents and they brought their gifted child to the music school. Albina made good progress in her musical education. This helped her to take part in concerts with her own band after she’d left the school.

Then she became interested in club dancing and began studying the “Go-Go” dancing with great success and Albins was offered a job of “Go-Go” dancer in the most popular nightclub in St-Petersburg. That night life brought Albina her new passion – the dj-ing. She decided to enter the “Clubmasters DJ School”, the best dj school in Russia. Albina got known the dj-ing in all its minutes’ details there and after that she got fixed up in a job in the best nightclub at St.-Petersburg. The energy of dance floor, emotional music helped Albina to understand that Dj-ing is the main part of her life!

Albina Mango takes part in organization of many night and private parties in St.-Petersburg and over the Russia. Also she makes a shot at creation of her own Disco and Vocal House tracks. Some of them are on the air in popular stations at St.-Petersburg. Some foreign labels are interested in her music now.

Albina Mango is a modern queen of every dance floor. Her sets are bright, happening and stylish! Her music is update, inspiring and hot! She always knows what music to play and how to make you dance! She can make you smile! She keeps you amused! Albina Mango plays the music in the most popular places of in St.-Petersburg and in various Russian towns. She plays the music that you like! Be sure! Don’t miss the next party of your dream!!!