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Albert Van Leizer

Mexico, Mexico


Fuzion Four Records, Omerta Records, Soviet Recordings
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Alberto Ramirez, aka Albert Van Leizer was born in México in 1991. When he was 16 he got interested by electronic music until one day he decided just to give it a try. He bagan with FL Studio 7 and while he learned to produce, he also learned to DJ, becoming slowly but surely a crafted man on the job. Just a year later his tracks were on several online radio stations and independant labels.

Nowadays, Albert, with just 18 years of age, has managed to have two radio shows on internet radios (such as Omega FM, AH.FM, Pure FM, ETN FM, amongst others), and has teamed up with DJ’s like Fast Distance and Distant Identity on several guest shows and mixes, showcasing his productions and receiving support from labels such as Eyereflex, Blue Trance Records, Time Fusion and Ispirato.

On September 2009, Albert forms a new project with DJ and producer Blue Waves, which is called Sandilands, and their tracks have been supported by many listeners and labels and is sure to have bigger success as well.

Albert Van Leizer is a very promising talent for his country, and he expects to colaborate soon with some of the top-notch producers of his native land.