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Albert Kraner is italian Hardtechno dj & producer,he is also the first italian guy with release on schranz/hardtechno music and is an artist of some famous labels and radio like:


Kne’ Deep Records(GERMANY/USA)

F.A.T tm Records(GERMANY)

Killfactory Recordings(SPAIN)

Mental Torment Records(HOLLAND)

Reconstruction Records (HOLLAND)

DataBlender Records (UK)

Polymeric Records (UK)

HardWork Records (SPAIN)

NWS Records (RUSSIA)

Technoart Recordings(HUNGARY)

Overweight Recordings(HUBNARY)

Confuz Recordings(GERMANY)

Anathema Records(ITALY)

Exploited Records(SPAIN)

Kazima Recordings(ITALY)


Euro Mayday Parade (Italy)

Maximal Festival (Italy)

Play The Music Festival(Italy)


DreadFul Beats Booking(HUNGARY)

Black Box Booking(GREECE)

Forward Loops Booking(COLOMBIA)

Funk You Night (ITALY)

Decibel Night (ITALY)

HardFactory Night (ITALY)

Hardstation Night(ITALY)

Cosmo Production(ITALY)


Radio Techno Freaks (PORTUGAL)


Only 4 techno radio(GERMANY)


K2 ,Budapest (Hungary)

Tunnel club ,Milano (Italy)

Decibel ,Prato (Italy)

Ghost ,Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

Underground Park ,Prato (Italy)

Velvet club ,Napoli (Italy)

Souvenir ,Sieci (Italy)

Codice a Barre,Milano (Italy)

Costes,Firenze (Italy)

Albert Kraner was born on the 21 may 1986 in Massa Italy, From his earliest childhood he was interest to music…he get the first contact with music in 1995-1996 with progressive music and then in 1999 with techno music and Hardcore…at the age of 16 he was really intersted to new hard and banging style know as Hardtechno music…

In 2002 Albert start producing banging techno with the old program(storm software) but it was really hard because no one gave to him some tips on how can get better in production….then after “storm” he tryed some of one best software as rebirth,reason and cubase…but no one of this software taked to him a good works…so his friend Dariush Gee showed to him FL STUDIO….Albert finded in it a really perfect software for make his style and stuff…

In the end of 2005 he publiesh his first hardtechno track on forum,he has had a nice comment from Greg Notill and from all the beginning of 2006 he decides to create a net label Anathema Records…in 7 December 2006 he has had release the first net-ep with his net-label [anathema001] Albert Kraner & Arkadiusz Witek – Psychiatric terror e.p…..this e.p was played from Jason Little but also the other release was play from all world….Now he have stop with Anathema Records…because he have too much work and project…

Albert work with his friends like Dariush Gee,Tim Rivers,Salva Trucha,Mike Drama,Spark Taberner and he work also with his co-producer Svetec……..

About party He played always on illegal rave like EXODUS Mountain because he luv rave and people on it and also because in Italy is very hard with this music…but from 2007 he got already a good Booking for play in some club of all world…Albert is an artist of Black box booking for greece,The spyro project booking for Slovenia and Forward Loops booking for sud-america…

Albert get his first release with F.A.T tm Records[FAT009]V/A – Asmodis EP….after fat009 he have had a release with new label KillFactory Recordings on [KFR003] V/A Anger School with lot success and one apparence on Kick Down – Volume 1 Mixed by Miss Djax where it can be find the 28 best tracks of the year!!!!

..for Albert,Hardtechno music is not a business….is not only a really lifestyle….he make from 153 to 157 bpm….he like to make a banging kick and mental sound….his tracks are play from DJ RUSH,SVEN WITTEKIND,DJ BOLD,VIPER XXL,DJ LUKAS,SVETEC,SALVA TRUCHA,SPARK TABERNER,ONIKS and more artist….

in 2009…Albert get his first 2 FULL EP….one on KNE DEEP Recordings,one of the biggest label on techno/hardtechno music…and the second with his friend Svetec on the one of the best hardtechno label…the MENTAL TORMENTS Records…

He always says :Only hard beatz!!!!