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He started djing in the most famous clubs in Mauritius as well at surprise and private parties when he left school just before leaving for Scandinavia. Alan is not ashamed to tell to anyone about his debut and that in his old days he played the classics from Police and Pink Floyd etc.

Having moved to Norway he discovered the new breed of clubbers and came across uplifting Trance in the late 90s while listening to Tiesto’s first album Forbidden Paradise.

He predicted at that time that DJ Tiesto was going to be the future DJ to watch for and it turned out that Tiesto popped the charts as the best DJ in the world. He got so fascinated by the man and his music that he started to take more and more interest in Trance and began to mix the style of Trance played by the big boys such as Armin Van Buuren, DJ Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyke and Misja Helsloot. Having unfortunately come back to his Motherland, he was the first DJ to introduced Uplifting Trance in Mauritius and succeeded to an extent that other DJs hated him due to his popularity and the way he got a crowd going frenzy. Some DJs even started catching up and copied him but without the success and talent that Alan had.

Alan B is a unique DJ for his music style that no DJ could match in his motherland. He also got the opportunity to play along side his good friend Hils (SA), Mia Tanzen (IN), DJ Fabrice (MU), Miss Attica (FR), Pascal Watts (FR), Dj Eldar (RUS) just to mention a few. He is now making his own samples and tunes. Alan B always rocks the dance floor with his music and makes the crowd go wild, thats why the promoters and his friends call him Mad Man Axe, and no one can say that he never does that when he’s on the decks or any where close to you. Many won’t forget the 2002 Beach party at club in Mauritius where he went on with a 5 hour set finishing at 9 am on a Saturday. He was told by the club owner that no other DJ working in this club had done that before. Those who played their sets before him and were supposed to be the Stars of the Night, had to sit back as spectators for this man who’s nothing than a simple DJ who loves and knows what he does best had the crowd go frenzy.

For a man who’s got the respect and the friendship of DJ Panic who says it all “that he’s an excellent DJ”. He’s not a fine technician but he knows how to make a crowd move if given the opportunity. Unfortunately in most cases some local DJ never appreciated him and never invited him to perform in their gigs because of his reputation in his motherland.

Alan is not ready to retire. He’s already planning of playing in Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Norway where he got most his contacts, and probably in Mauritius and Reunion again.

Young DJ talents who love his music have always surrounded Alan B. Some of them have already begun playing his style. Alan has never been greedy for compliments. He’s an artist who would offer his time and support to young coming DJ’s as it is his dream to help the new generation.

During his 3 years on the island he has got the opportunity to perform live on several occasions on Radio Plus and Radio 1. Having landed in Mauritius after playing for some years Europe, he was told by a few local DJs that his style of music would never succeed to draw a crowd…. but he proved them wrong!!! He has always told young DJ’s, “It’s music that makes the difference not the DJ”. He refuses to give credit to any DJ. He believes the music makers deserve it all as they do the hard work of creating and making the tunes that are just played by DJs. However, the music has to be played in a way that people enjoy it. He used to say, “Had they not been existing to give us the music to mix, all the big names would have then be jobless”.