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Lugano, Switzerland


Cavern, Divided, Leporelo
Ala Beatport


Alain Locacciato aka DJ ALA, Class ‘76, was born and grew in Lugano; a Swiss citizen with Italian origin. The love and deep passion for music identify his style of life; he is a collector of vinyl records and a music producer, at continuous search for the novelties on the market music scene. His instrument is the turntable with which he can create new sonorities by mixing different sound styles. In 98’ he graduated as sound engineer at the SAE School of Milan ( Audio technician assistant at various festivals and concerts around Switzerland; Bob Blues, Rock Kindom, Estival Jazz, Energy, Evolution, and others, at K-Sound ( DJ ALA is spinning records for more than fifteen years, he starts observing how to handle a crowd with two arms on MKII, learning to listen the records and trying to understand the strength of a beat, a hook, an intro, a break. The dj to-be is a teenager when the rap comes to the South of Switzerland. He joins the first Lugano association to promote the hiphop and organize concerts; he puts down scratches for local artists and produced mix-tapes which did all meet their public. The technique has changed, the vinyl records have been replaced by digital files stocked on Mac Books, but the art remains the same: handle the decks, ensure to put hand on the best novelties in real time and raise the dancers ecstasy to the climax. That is what dj Ala does, with an unmatched versatility (he mixes the urban style, because it is his foundation, but he can also play disco, latin music, reggae). He brings to the clubbers their share of good vibes.