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Akila X

London, United Kingdom


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Akila-X The Director of Opus1 Record Label, born in Athens in 25/02/1972. joined the music industry in1989, aged 17, as a radio DJ for Studio 2 (102.2 FM). His first remix single, “Death Roll, Vol 1”, was released three years later. “Death Roll Vol 2” and “Death Roll Vol 3” were released two years later. In 1993, joined the worldwide promotion label Dancenation and slowly became one of the most successful disc jockeys in Europe. He went on to record 5 more singles on white label, and for the following seven years he was a guest DJ in numerous clubs and events around the world. Some of the most famous of these are Club Metropolis (France), Club La Luna (Italy), La Bouche (Holland), Phantom (Spain), Paradiso Club (Greece), La Scala (Rhodes Island), Arena Live (party), Tokyo Sunrise (party) Metropolis Poland, Exit Cmehlnice CZ, Babylon Slovakia Club Nightlife, Holland, Club Red Square Malta, Amazonia Malta and many more. In 2000 Akila-X joined the English promotion label “Gusto – music for life” in the UK. In 2002 Akila-X released the compilation album “Ibiza Dream” (Dreamwave records). In 2003 he released the compilation mix album “Trancenation VolI and II”. Also in 2003, he released “Live from Arena”, which was recorded live in Genoa, Italy. Currently, and for the past three years, Akila-X is the resident DJ in one of East Anglia’s most famous nightclubs, Coco’s in Cambridge. The new project of Akila-X “TALOS” will be release the year 2006. Akila-X still join the European tour of Clockloop for 2006. New project with the group La Foy started this year more info coming soon….