Hassan Elhassan (Akeed) was born in Lebanon, Beirut on August 23, 1988. He left to the United States/ Virginia when he was fourteen years old, and currently lives there. Akeed always had the passion for music since he was a kid. He played the tabla instrument and a little bit of piano. Next to where he used to live back home, his neighbor was a dj and once watched him perform a set for a party. He thought djing was pretty cool, switching cassettes and not leaving caps between tracks. As well as of how his neighbor was matching songs together.

In 2005, Akeed started listening to dance/electronic music, and really loved it. He was listening to Trance all day long and learning about the genre more and more every day. In 2007, He met Danko Drincic at a soccer game, and talked about their passion and love to dance music. He told him that he was really good at a dj software called “Virtual DJ”, and Danko used to produce beats for fun using a program called “Fruity Loops”. So, they decided to team up and start their own music production group called “D&H Project”.

The first track they made was called “A New Beginning”, and created their MySpace page on 4/23/2007. After that, they were doing great and getting better and better. By the end of year 2007, they had over 3000 fans, and 15000 plays.

In the beginning of year 2008, some things didn’t work out between Danko and Hassan, so they decided to split and just start on their own separately. Now, Hassan goes by the name of “Akeed” which means in Arabic “For Sure”. Since then, Akeed been getting lots of support from friends and fans. Also, been blazing up the charts on RevebNation, Myspace and other sites! As well as, broadcasting his weekly radio show “Personal Status” that is about playing the latest and hottest tracks from Trance and Progressive House Live on air on WGMU Radio or through his own website ( The radio show been getting massive support and downloads from fans all around the world.

Thank you for your support,

Hassan Elhassan (Akeed)