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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Born in Sarajevo, city of many cultures and religions that are habitating alongside together, defines a lot about Adnan Pavlovic, even without reading next few lines.

He entered DJ world modestly, trying to explore various trance subgenres.

It was really hard to build his own DJ career in town such as Sarajevo where people have no understanding for underground music such as trance.

He started DJ-ing six years ago during his high school days, when he had heard PvD?s ?Another Way?. Today, PvD is a role model for him, as a proper DJ and an artist in global.

Later he had evaluated his own skills by mixing various tracks just for fun. He had spent hours and hours creating his unique technique. Once he was condemned, he started exploring ways of communication with the crowd. That is the very reason why communicating with the crowd makes his DJ-ing technique so unique.

?Fifty percent of that is just a proper feeling, and the other half is the way you communicate or animate the crowd?, he says.

The most important thing in his upcoming career path was his engagement to bring trance into town by organizing many of various projects. One of them, that he is really proud of, is The Project-Symbiosis (started in 2005), a special DJ/VJ project (done in collaboration with his friends, also VJ?s) whose task is to promote trance Symbiosis between different trance subgenres, between different electronic music genres, and to bond a very important communication and relationship between DJ&VJ.

Two years ago first product of this special relationship was a multimedia CD ?Village In The Night?. It describes the present way of life in his hometown – Sarajevo, the low level of entertainment and cultural supply.

He conveyed it with melancholic one hour set, that describe his way of seeing this particular situation. In his search for constant improving and development of electronic scene in B&H, Ajnspric and the rest of The Project-Symbiosis crew started The Symbiosis Net Label. This label is developed to help young DJ?s and producers to easily promote themselves. This is the largest operation that The Project-Symbiosis has ever started.

As far about music, you can hear his sets very often on different radio stations, mostly on Radio 2o2 that supports electronic music, and at the start of year 2006, VESTA radio from Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) made an enquiry for his first recorded radio contribution, until now he is playing guest mixes on their network regularly.

As he is committed to his hometown, he plays on regular basis in most of Sarajevo clubs that supports electronic music, such as: Sa club, Bock (best known as FIS) and AG. He spins in cities across B&H regularly.

His long term goal is to see some day electronic music having the same treatment as any other music in the Balkan region, without any superstitions.

BPM Radio Network from Arizona(US) started, hopefully, long term collaboration with Ajnspric. His radio show called ?Spreading Symbiosis? is yet to become brand, with a constant goal to promote very productive and quality producers from The Balkans. It is an upgrade to still running ?Project-Symbiosis Live Mix? show, where you can hear the newest trance, progressive and other electronic music, with special tracks coming from the Balkans region. This show is aired on regular basis every 1st & 3rd Friday in a month.

Recently he has finished his first remix that will be published by The Symbiosis Net Label. By doing so much he is constantly trying to improve his own production that will culminate with its first album, which is expecting to see the light of the day sometime during this year. “I have great wish and passion to do my first vocal track, because it is something very trendy, and also a very demanding job. Except finding the proper vocal it also requires spending quality time in the studio. So in the nearer future you can expect more new releases coming on vinyls also.”

As a confirmation for this statement, his dream about releasing track for any major label is very close to realisation. At the very begining of this year (2007), he started collaboration with US alternative rock band called Jessica Vale (NY). After he has heard their new track, dedicated to his hometown ?Night In Sarajevo?, he came with an idea for remixing this beautiful song and started long remixing process, wich is still not over.

?This is very demanding track, because there are too many ideas in my head that need to be fitted with original song. It is so deep, emotional song, and I need to transform that ambient into something different like electronic music?, finishes Ajnspric his statement.

It seems that his carrier is going forward, but he is standing ground firmly. His main goals to achieve are simple: keep on Spreading Symbiosis idea, working on strenghtening the net label, and of course DJ-ing & production, hopefully the rest will come out as an award of the previous.

He finds every place as the story of its own, but about dream island-Ibiza, he dreams like any other DJ.

Until then, he’s working untiringly, so that more people can hear about The Project – Symbiosis.