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AJ’s choice of music and style he is most well known for is tough, uplifting trance but in all honesty he’ll entertain people with anything in his repertoire including shouting at the crowd and dancing around. AJ is the DJ equivalent to Robbie Williams – an all round entertainer.

Accolades: AJ is the founder resident of one of the biggest clubbing brands in the world – Godskitchen but don’t let this detract you away from the milliard of other accolades he has achieved including the regular guest appearances he makes at some of the biggest events in the UK and entertaining the masses in just about every continent in the world.

AJ Gibson is widely known as the busiest resident DJ in the UK: Godskitchen (UK, South Africa, Malaysia, Greece, Turkey, The World), Slinky (UK, Malaysia), Dance Academy (Plymouth), The Syndicate (Blackpool), Passion (Coalville), Garlands (Liverpool), Time Flies (Wales), Clockwork Orange, Enigma (Ireland), The Met (Ireland), The Coach (Ireland), The Honeyclub (Brighton), Pams House (Norwich), Progress (Derby), Frisky (Northampton), Hotdog (Nottingham), Tonic (Ibiza), Brazil, Japan, China, Kuala Lumpur, Egypt, Canada, Finland, Tenerife, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Ibiza the list goes on …

Studio: In that last few months AJ has begun working on various projects with his now regular studio partner Scott Mac. Their debut track together Deprogression v’s AJ Gibson “Twilight” has been picked up by ATCR and already received a number of plays from Judge Jules on Radio 1 and the latest news on this being that Ministry of Sound are signing it to one of their new compilations.

Best Moment: Playing in front of 10,000 people in Hong Kong and having to be escorted out of the building by security because the crowd was going ballistic and tried to mob him.