Ainhoa iTunes


Ainhoa is a electro house whit a lot of progressive tendencies Dj. She was born in 1986. She decides became a Dj when she just had 16 years old.

In the 2003, at school, she decides together with Hernan Latin (Vienna – Austria) to form a denominated community Beach Sounds that had validity during very little time due to the departure from Hernan to their residence country, nevertheless Ainhoa followed her career, she created with Syrc, in 2005 what was denominated CRUNK, then continued working for the community, and decided to unite together with Art Machine who are the in charge Vjs of the visual ones in the events of ESPECTRONI-K, She also is the responsible of the music in ESPECTRONI-K, a collective group which mix the video and the music in their parties whit a very particular style, which most important purpose is to diffuse the culture of the progressive in their city, Bogota, and in their country, Colombia, Then around the world.

In her short career she had opportunity to play in some of the best bars and clubs of the city as well as in private parties, in foundations and social groups. Ainhoa always had the pleasure for the music, in the year 92; to her six years she discovered the pleasure for the electronic music, and from very small, it has belonged to choirs, groups of dance, cheer leaders, and in her years of life had been able to overcome those who take many years in the medium; with effort, sacrifice and study everything you can achieve it.

Ainhoa says, Electronic music is my life, is my religion and is my reason of be. Even in a man medium, the girls has prove that we also it get a space so very important in the electronic music.