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Winnipeg, Canada

Dubstep, Trance

ATIC, High SeVen Records, I-Label
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A.I.M. (BassWorks)

Glitch Hop/Dubstep/Trance/Electro

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, A.I.M. (Angelic Industrial Melodies) has graced the decks from various places across the globe, beginning aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean in August of ’05. All the while upon mixing, production became a passion as well, leading to successful collaborations with artists abroad the planet & a constant abundance of bookings from radio shows, to clubs, festivals and block block parties, opening for artists such as Cosmic Gate, Funkanomics, MSTRKRFT, Steve Aoki, John 00 Fleming, Flatland Funk, Stickybuds, Mat the Alien, Deeps, MissDVS, Sheset Steez & many more.

With his first record deal at the age of 14 (Electrogroove Records), A.I.M. only pushed further with pursuing the passions. After completing & receiving certificates through Precursor Productions (Winnipeg, MB) for studio courses in recording, producing, mixing and mastering, A.I.M. then ventured forward to Lethbridge, Alberta where he is now in his 4th year of Digital Audio Arts to further his knowledge within music & audio for the sake of chasing the dream.

As the tracks and mixes speak for themselves, A.I.M. has his own touch expressed through the arts, with it needless to say the talent & skill is to be recognized further as he continues his progression upwards.