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To pay homage to this art form, Bob Sinclar united the most prestigious artists on the electronic scene. Africanism was launched in 2001. Although this project was meant for the dance floor, with vinyl releases only, it was an instant hit amongst all publics. “Edony“ by Martin Solveig was a No. 1 club hit for over six weeks. So it was only natural that Warner decided to release the album on CD. As a result, 200,000 copies of Africanism were sold throughout the world. Africanism II was released one year after the triumphant success of the first compilation and met the same acclaim. One example is Solveig, who continued his triumph with “Heart Beat“. Both Africanism albums won a gold record in South Africa, which gave world renown to the project.

Today, the “Africanism team“ has become a collective, uniting the most prestigious DJ’s on the planet. Bob Sinclar is the “master of ceremonies“ for Africanism III. This album notably features an exclusive track by David Guetta, Tim de Luxe and Bob Sinclar, “Summer Noon“, along with an adaptation of “Sye Bwa“ by Kassav, with vocals by Jacob Devarrieux and Jimmy Sissoko, to mention a few.