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Évora, Portugal


Afonso Beatport


Carlos Alfonso, with the artistic name of “Carloz Afonzo”, natural of the island S.Miguel – Azores, at the beginning initiated its career of years 80, being considered the oldest Dj of the Açores.

He started his career inside of the source Pop Rock, New Wave, Electronic “Old School” and when elapsing of the years, it was always following the evolution of the dance scene, which nowadays if it shows a versatile and eclectic Dj, for any type of event, club or bar, also counting on its experience of residences in some of the improvements clubs of the archipelago of the islands of Azores and the participation in some events of top.

Currently “Carlos Afonzo” classifies itself as a Mainstream Dj, because frequent its musical source is more commercial, never putting of part its aptitudes of other musical sources, therefore he has always in consideration I publish target to it of the clubs in which he is invited to play as Dj Set.

In its Dj Sets it counts on you influence of rhythms balanced and glad with some “old school” percurssion mixture, having in reference Producing Dj’ s like, Martin Solveig, David Guetta, Mastiksoul, Carlos Manaça, Juan Magan, Chus & Ceballos, etc…

“Carloz Afonzo”, already it had during its career ties to the current year, the pleasure to share the dj booth in events and clubs with, Di Paul, Dj Dextro, Cyberx, Dj Nox, Tania Pascoal, Oscar Baia, Dj Jimster, and others.

This artist cannot also leave to mention that he made some of the programs of radio in Azores in titled of “Rhythms of the Night “, “100% Music” and “Nova Era Dj”, where got good feedbacks, seen to be a pioneer of the music of electronic dance and in the Azores.

A special gratefulness for the Dj/Produtor Cyberx, one of the musical producers of the national and world-wide actually, for having helped to grow this artist in question and to bring up to date and to deepen all its professional technique in which nowadays in it offers much quality to them.

Without a doubt, “Carloz Afonzo” a name not to forget, to remember and to be mentioned, to have its professional aptitudes that its capacity presents to develop a great night of “glamour” and diversion!