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  • Serie Z: Nuevo EP de Van Czar

    Van Zar, el multi-talentoso DJ Productor de Bruselas, Bélgica y amigo de la casa DJP, que por est...

    Sun 2nd August 5 PM
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Aerotek is Chilean-born multi genre music producer & sound designer Stefano Giangrandi. He is known for being one of Chile’s most imponent electronic musicians of the present day.

A hardcore music lover since the late ’90s, Aerotek founded his own label, Transtechnia Records, when he was only 16. Two years later, he began producing music for the television and film industry, achieving great acclaim and earning diverse international prizes and nominations.

A top-of-the-class Sound Engineering & Acoustics student and researcher, Aerotek has given numerous conferences on the uses of experimental electronic music in universities and sound engineering schools throughout his country.

It always is uncertain what will his next release bring. From Industrial to Drum n’ Bass, to Ambient, cinematic soundtracks, Trance and House, this is a man who is truly unrestrained from the chains of musical genres.