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As a denizen of the Eternal City of Rome, the teenage Aeph had immersed himself in the frenetic sounds he’d discovered on the bleeding edge of the Drum & Bass and Electronica scenes. Inspired by international new wave of acts such as Phace, Spor and Noisia, Aeph relocated to the electronic music heartland of London.

From his UK base he conducted his own sonic experiments fusing modern electro riffs, Drum & Bass and Dubstep. Combining his innate technological savvy, an ear for melodic intricacy and a penchant for the pathos and scale of movie sound tracks, he sought to synthesise the super tight production ideals of Daft Punk with the rock rush energy of The Prodigy. The “Aeph” sound is a dark melodic mixture of classic composition and surrealistic synthesizers, a retro futuristic vision of music combined with ultra modern riffs, great versatility and a finesse that rivals his role models.

The results of these experiments came thick and fast via several releases on uber-cool labels such as Bad Taste Recordings, Lifted Music’s sister label Breed 12 Inches and brought him to get involved in the production of one of the Hadouken!‘s new album single, “Bad Signal”, nominated Zane Lowe’s world hottest record on Bbc Radio 1 and released on Ministry Of Sound. Last but not least, he also has been commissioned to provide the soundtrack to IBM’s Lenovo ‘Yoga’ laptop worldwide TV and cinema advert, directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, GoldenEye, Green Lantern). Catapulting him to prominence on the underground dance scene, both as prodigious production talent and as an international DJ playing in Europe’s top club nights.