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Adultnapper” is a shadowy figure drawn from the dark reaches of Francis Harris’ imagination. Harris, a philosphy phD drop‐out with punk rocker roots, hails from suburban Las Vegas but has called Brooklyn home for the past 9 years ‐ a stretch in which he has gone from “hating dance music,” to establishing himself as an underground DJ/Producer with a unique sound and a global audience.

In 2004, having achieved success as a DJ, Label Owner and Event Producer, Harris turned to the studio, intent on exploring new sonic territory, and adopting the Adultnapper moniker to represent his efforts. What emerged was a reaction against the skippy rhythms and repetetive loops that had dominated the electronic dance music landscape. Instead, Harris took a sophisticated, song‐based approach, characterized by elaborate swung micro‐rhythms, thick musical baselines, complex arrangements, haunting tonal melodies and brooding introspective atmospheres ‐ and tastemakers took note. A steady stream of Adultnapper tracks have since appeared on some of the world‘s most esteemed labels ‐ Steve Bug’s Audiomatique, Frank Lorber‘s Nummer, Mr. C’s Superfreq, Mule Electronic, Dirt Crew, etc. ‐ and have been hotly tipped by elite DJs ‐ Loco Dice, Danny Tenaglia, Craig Richards, Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier, Sasha, Monika Kruse, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, etc. ‐ thus firmly establishing Harris as one rare purveyor who steadfastly challenges the conventional wisdom and accepted shortcuts of post modern electronic music.

In 2007, seeking a platform on which to further develop the Adultnapper persona, Harris launched Ransom Note, a concept label with a cohesive narrative that unfolds with each release. Much like a graphic novel, using text, the “ransom note,” and imagery, a series of drawings by performance artist John Stroud, the label‘s jackets will tell the story of this anti‐hero who is part creative genius gone awry, part tortured dystopic philospher, part paranoid vigilante outlaw.

Still, it is when Harris himself is in control of a dancefloor that Adultnapper is truly brought to life. Relying primarily on the ancient art of mixing two records, Harris’ precision skills and thoughtful programming have earned him a reputation as DJ equal to his regard as producer ‐ an uncommom distinction. On the decks, Harris intricately weaves divergent strains into a thick, pumping groove that subtly rises and falls, drawing the crowd ever deeper within his emotion‐laden, melodic journey. Circo Loco at DC10, Ibiza, Cielo in NY, The End, Mulletover in London, Weekend in Berlin, Pawn Shop in Miami, Avalon in LA, are just a few of the world’s discenring floors that have been graced by Adultnapper and been left clamoring for more.