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Adrian Michaels

Los Angeles, United States


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Adrian Michaels is a West Coast (USA) producer, musician and DJ. Producing and spinning House, Electro House and Dubstep, Michaels has carved out a name as a respected and desired talent.

He recently completed a remix of DJ Kindbud’s “I Love Barcelona,” released on Gomination Records (the label of producer DJ Gomi). “I Love Barcelona” is already receiving club play from DJs out West. Also, released in 2013 was a throwback House remix of singer Katy Cappella’s “Be There,” which secured radio play within less than a week.

With a ton of tracks in pre-production and production, Michaels is on pace to release 20 recordings in 2013 alone!

As a musician, his main instrument is bass guitar. Adrian Michaels has toured the United States and even played internationally as a bassist with both national and local artists.

Adrian Michaels endorses Stuart Spector basses, Gallien amps, JH Audio in-ear monitors (even for Dj-ing) and Dark Horse Strings.