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Adrian Bahil

Blue Dye, Diskoton, Kosmo Records
Adrian Bahil Beatport


Music has always been the driving force in the life of Adrian Bahil, not to mention his first love!

This name usually sounds familiar to those, who carefully read their vinyl-credits. But all others surely have heard of this gifted producer, composed for a bunch of aka’s projects and big names.

Born in 1977, the son of musicians walked his way towards a greater musical horizon. He got his basic musical skills with his mother milk and, still a little boy he learned how to play several instruments. Later this made the difference in the era of computer-based productions and paid off for him in many Top 10 chart-breakers.

With 15 he cracked his saving bank, to buy his first equipment and turntables. And here we go – a fairy tale of a musical career is enfolding: at the age of 18 he was signed by Timing Records, Germany’s first “breaks” label and released his debut-single under the aka H-PUNK “Nimble like Jack”. By working at a record-store he got the overview to also act as a high-class DJ. In 1998 he played at “Loveparade” in Berlin with Fat Boy Slim at the “Kesselhaus”. At this point everybody knew, he was hot!

Now the only way is up for Adrian. Especially his producing-skills offering a wide range of styles, witch made him the man of the hour for a lot of acknowledged DJs. Also for Munich’s No.1 Dance Label “Kosmo Records”. 1999 Kosmo signed Adrian as in-house producer and worked together with DJ Housepunk & DJ Tomcraft, which made it to the Dance Charts immediately. This year also marked the beginning of a musical partnership with DJ Tom Novy, the very output until 2009 is legend “I Rock”, “Now or Never”, “Your Body” to just name a few. “From zero to hero” – the most tracks, he produced for him became immediately top positions of each and every Dance Chart around the globe. This was a stunning success for Adrian.

There was never enough time left for him, to really get into his very own productions. The phone was ringing to many times and brought up remix offers by Superstars as Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Pink, Mousse T., Skye, Snap! or Justin Timberlake, all waiting for : “Remixed by Adrian Bahil”.

From 2006 on he is releasing really impressive work under his own name: Adrian Bahil “Kemikals”, this tech-house monster with subtle vocals, was licensed by Royal Flush and can be found on many compilations and play lists. Eno-C ft. Lilou “Heartbeat” 2009, Adrian Bahil & Just Dockhorn “Whatever” 2009, Adrian Bahil & Carlos Mendes “New Shit” 2010, SL Project “No Matter” 2011.

As a DJ he rocks in lots of well known locations fom Munich, Spain, Croatia to Austria.

From September 2011 he started his own radio show on muc-fm where he presents the hottest tunes and guest DJ’s every week!

His current single “Disco-Nected” was released in october 2011 on “BLUEdye” Records.

And surely his next projects will just go like that , extremely fine.

Hail to the Chief!