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Burlington, United States

Progressive House, Techno

Esen, Ravin Records
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Chris Sargent Jr’s first experience was akin to falling deeply in love at first sight with the passion of his life. When he witnessed his first event, Oasis, featuring Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Lafleche, Luc Raymond, Max Graham, and Tiga at the Molson Centre in Montreal on July 15, 2000, his entire life changed before his eyes and ears. The command Tiesto applied on 8,000 pleading souls was beyond words; a life-changing experience, enough to drive him to purchase his first set of turntables. From that moment on, born in him would be the flow and impulse of a life dedicated to music. From that moment on, he was to become Adrenalin.

Although trance was his first love and will always have a special place in his heart, after hooking up with Joyryde Records in Burlington, Vermont, initially doing street promotions for shows and parties in the northeastern United States and Canada – anything to get involved in the scene – Adrenalin was exposed to progressive DJs such as Max Graham, Deep Dish, and Nick Warren, providing his next metamorphosis. Chris’ next sound injections were of the deep and dark variety, moving his soul in another direction, yet providing the wizard with another necessary ingredient to his musical education. Suddenly, in September 2001, one major influence directed him to the chosen path selected for him by his ancestors. That man was Swedish DJ Christian Smith. No other musical soulmate had moved Adrenalin. Although already imbedded in the underground the last two years, he had finally found his calling through her sheer power, aggression, and driving rhythms. Her name was Techno!!

These traits were reminiscent of Adrenalin’s early school days listening to industrial, black metal, and hardcore, now replaced by acid techno and hard techno. These pulsating sounds would be what Adrenalin would come to be known for, even though he still continues to play the occasional deep progressive set when the time is right.

Due to Vermont’s proximity to one of the key musical melting pots on the planet, Adrenalin’s love of Montreal has brought forth the privilege of Route 66 Promotions being the exclusive U.S. street promoters and ticket agents for many Canadian promotional organizations.

Yet Route 66 is much more than that. Route 66 Promotions, conceived by Adrenalin, its natural leader, Audio (Chuck Barsalow), Rogue (Walter Byrne), and Aka Sleeper (Shannon Lewis), was developed to help introduce new, undiscovered DJ talent to new markets, book creative artists in New England and Quebec, and assist organizations with event promotion and ticket sales. Current endeavors include ticket sales and promotion for Sweet Leaf Productions, music production, collaborative ventures with Joyryde Records (Vermont), Underfly (Mexico), Nexus Artist Management (Vermont), Ignite Systems (Las Vegas), GlobalSound (Montreal), and street promotion for BPM Culture Magazine and Moonshine Music. Passion for the music and the art of DJing have provided the focus and dedication necessary to the Route 66 crew and all future projects.

Route 66 has grown to such importance that the group has not only promoted parties across New England, they have expanded to projects in Canada, with the first of the very successful Combined Elements series held in Montreal on October 29, 2004, featuring Swedish native and current Austrian resident, Slobodan, as the group’s special international guest. Consequently, Adrenalin’s performance, his first on Canadian soil (but not his first outside the United States, performing at Work in Ocotlan, Mexico on April 2, 2004), was so impressive that his talent, energy, and dedication were enough for him to be signed by GlobalSound Management as one of the agency’s inaugural clients. Furthermore, Chris was soon booked to play at one of the Canada’s finest after-hour establishments, performing a versus set with DJ Furious at Gravity on February 11, 2005 during the “Avin’It Birthdayz” event, critically acclaimed as the best set of the evening.

Whether mixing passion and power into his unique brand of pounding techno or bringing the audience on a deep progressive journey, Adrenalin will move your mind, as well as your body and your soul, leaving you craving for more…