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:::::::::::::: Affiliations ::::::::::::::

Leaf Recordings . Primal Records . Tarantic Records Imperial Dub . Uniting Souls .Six Degrees Records. Sunburn


Brazilian-born Adnan Sharif’s introduction to music began with the magical Rhythm of Samba, and soulful rhythms and grooves have defined Adnan’s music ever since.

In 1985 Adnan immigrated to the USA and found a new home in the city of San Francisco.

DJ Adnan is one of the rising stars of the San Francisco Underground Music Scene.

With releases on major house music labels and a busy DJ schedule, it’s clear Adnan has been part of the San Francisco Electronic Music Scene since it’s begining.

Adnan’s musical styles include all genre’s of house music with smooth percursion.

He’s Dj musical influences come from SF legends such as Jeno, Garth, John Howard and Solar

He had shared the turntables with DJs like:

Doc Martin, Mark Farina, Terry Francis, Grant Dell, Jeno, Garth,Jazzanova, Onionz, Dubtribe, Gavin Hardkiss, Gene Faris, Tony,Solar, Galen, Preston, Luis Nieva, Miguel Silver, Fabricio Pecanha.

He has played at internationally renowed parties such as:

ACA World Sound Festival(Acapulco) . Red Noise(Caracas) . Club Phoenix(Campos do Jordao-Brazil) . Mhythos(Santos-BR) .

Lizard Lounge (Sao Paulo – BR) . React Music(Sao Paulo-BR) .

Fultronic Rave(Porto Alegre-BR) . Club K2 . Club Nuth(Rio de Janeiro-BR) . Omni AM.ComeUnity . Nikita . Release . Spundae . Bulletproof Boat Party . Imperial Dub Dance . Freedom . Melon . The Gathering .

Dubtribe Maui 2000 . Yoga Tai Chi Collective . Sunset .

Conscious Session . World Social Forum(Brazil) .

Adnan is currently a Uniting Souls resident DJ and had giving his energy behind the decks @ Sunshine Day Dream and

Sound Textures (Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco).

He was choosen the DJ of the Month in April 2002 by the House Music Underground website

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::: Music Production :::

In late 2000, Adnan began his journey into music production.

His first project was done with the co-production of Gavin Hardkiss, named “Pacificodelic”,

released on Hawk’s Heatstroke, on Six Degrees Records,

wich revisits an aural fascination with after-hours tribal funk and loose-limbed, watery grooves,

where the sounds of Brazil meets the legendary San Francisco’s Hardkiss sounds.

Also in 2000 Adnan began working in the studio with Tarantic Records’ founder Amit Shoham,

the duo been producing ever since, their first production was “Visualize” that was released in May 2001.

Adnan is also part of a production trio along with Jah Love Recordings’ artist Ivan and Starchild.

The trio had produce two tracks for Leaf Recordings: “Roots Rhythm” and “Memories” that will be released in Fall 2002.