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For a Bosnian producer Adnan Jakubovic one can say that he is one of the leaders of BH producers in Progressive House genre, and so far he has made a significant number of publications in some of the worlds leading publishing houses of the Progressive House music style. His production simply has no boundaries and he has never set his music under one style, songs he makes must always have energy and love, because without it music has no meaning. In the music he produces you can always hear a Techno Drum, House rhythm and infallible melody of Progressive and Deep.

His first publication came out in 2011 and from then on Adnan has constantly kept on producing and building his own recognizable sound. Due to the fact that back then his DJ gigs were not in the foreground, in August 2013 he began his monthly Big Bells podcast on Tenzi.FM radio from India. Today Big Bells podcast has thousands of listeners worldwide and it is being played on 6-7 different radio stations every month, from Argentina to Bosnia and Herzegovina. A large number of his publications and a constant activity in the world of Progressive underground scene make Adnan a Bosnian leader in the Progressive House genre, and probably a top 10 producers in the region of Balkan peninsula and south-east Europe.

Since the beginning of 2016 Adnan becomes even more active and takes part in many parties and festivals across Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, and has so far performed in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. As a producer he is very sought after amongst the domestic and international publishing houses, and his name can frequently be found in the Top 100 publications on Beatport and other digital stores. One of his careers greatest successes is probably his song “Afraid of Happiness” published as a part of “Initializing V” compilation for Suffused Music in Lithuania, later signed as a soundtrack for Electric Heart film currently in production in Los Angeles.

So far Adnan has published his music for: DAR Digital [Russia], Carica Records [Russia], Deepsessions Recordings [Greece], Mistique Music [Georgia], OLD SQL Records [Macedonia], Balkan Connection [Serbia], AH Digital [Belgium], Fobia Records [Bosnia and Herzegovina], BQ Recordings [Russia], Mystic Carousel Records [Spain], Suffused Music [Lithuania] and many others.