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Seattle-based DJ, producer and promoter Devin Kelly has been a techno activist for over a decade. Whether DJing as Adlib or promoting with Shameless and People of Earth (P.O.E), he is constantly sharing a radical vision of good times, heady tunes and dancefloor debauchery with every one he meets. His versatility, technical skills and mixture of cerebral yet crowd-rocking cuts earn him regular headlining spots at clubs, renegade parties and outdoor festivals across the Western US and beyond.

Devin learned to DJ in 1998, somehow teaching himself on a pair of broken turntables from his small Idaho hometown’s radio station. His technical mixing and unique blends of darker progressive, acid house and techno quickly earned him bookings in Boise and Salt Lake City, where he was an instrumental part of the late 90s underground. By 2000, he wasn’t even old enough to drink but had already played hundreds of events across the Northwest and was expanding his sound to incorporate a wide array of forward-thinking electronic music.

Devin relocated to Seattle in 2002. His reputation as a versatile DJ has only grown since then, landing him a residency with Shameless, the eclectic crew behind many of Seattle’s most infamous techno and electro events. He has opened local gigs for headliners as diverse as Garth and Jeno, Brodinski, Kilowatts, Meat Katie and the Flashbulb, and in 2008 alone headlined events in Portland, Salt Lake, Black Rock City, Boise and L.A, where he is a member of the notorious Monkey Do! crew. He returns to his Idaho roots every summer to perform at and co-promote Esthetic Evolution, one of the most diverse, forward thinking and successful electronic music festivals in the Northwest.

In his everyday life, Devin strives to blur the boundaries between art, music and progressive politics, all of which he believes are the driving forces in a healthy society. He uses his opportunities as a DJ to bridge communities and build lasting connections with like-minded people. His music and skills may be what get him booked somewhere, but his belief in the power of people and parties are what bring him back. Listen to the music and join the underground, because there are 45 revolutions on the turntable… and one in the streets.