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Boston, United States

Electro House, House


Born in Brazil to his Italian parents, Adilson passion for music started when he was very young. Working with his uncle, who at that time was a very well known DJ in Brazil, he started to be a DJ himself at the age of 15. For the next two years, until the age of 17, he would DJ at private parties and at under 18 clubs during the daytime. At the age of 17, he took a break from music to join the Army. When he was 19 years old he began doing his first real job at one of the biggest clubs in Brazil called Epoca. During that same time he also worked at a major radio station called Trans America, where he would play only dance music. During his time in Brazil, Adilson would never miss a night when a famous DJ came into town from Rio, or Sao Paulo. In 1988 Adilson came to the United States, actually to Boston, to visit family for only one month. It was during that time that he was asked by a mutual friend to play at a private party where a Brazilian promoter named Luis Gonzaga Rodrigues heard him. Gonzaga asked Adilson to help put together a night on Sundays at a club in Brighton called Mollys or now known as the Kells. This night became such a success, that the crowd it attracted grew too large for the size of the club. They decided to move the night to Narcissus in Kenmore Square in 1991. It was at Narcissus that Adilson had his first job spinning for an American crowd. He worked on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday alongside DJ Matty. In 1992 DJ Matty left Narcissus, leaving Adilson the sole resident DJ until the club closed in 1994. Between the years of 1994-1997 Adilson began to work at many different clubs around Boston. He worked at Europa (Buzz), Jukebox (Matrix), Club Joy, Bahama Beach Club (Tilt), Vapor, Avalon, Zanzibar (The Big Easy), and Rise After-Hours to name a few. In 1997 while working at the Jukebox (Matrix) on Sunday nights, a manager from the Roxy heard him spinning and asked him if he would be willing to play on a Saturday night in the Roxy. From that night on he was given two Saturdays a month at the Roxy. When he wasn’t there on Saturdays he would play at the Bahama Beach Club (Tilt). When the Roxy realized that the crowd was following Adilson to the Bahama Beach Club when he was not at the Roxy, they asked him to be their resident DJ every Saturday night. Since working for the Roxy he has taken his career to the next level. He now spins for two of the major nightclubs in the area and has become very well known in Boston. He can be found at Venu Boston on Wednesdays and Roxy Boston Fridays. Visit djadilson online for upcoming shows in your area. Adilson has mastered a collection of his own cd’s, which include exclusive tracks where he did the actual remixes. He has been invited to appear as a guest DJ at various nightclubs in other major cities such as New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. Even though Adilson misses the beautiful beaches and constant sunshine of his hometown in Brazil, Boston has become his new home. For him, Boston was love at first sight. It is safe to say that his love for music will never end. As long as he is working in the music industry he will follow the road as far as it takes him.