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Schaijk, Netherlands

A2 Records, Cloud 9 Dance
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Facebook of Dj/Producer Adaro. THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK. Hit you with that Bang Shit. 50% of Gunz For Hire.


Ran-D and Adaro – Under Attack (A2 rec)

Ran-D and Adaro – Struggle for Existence (A2 Rec)

Ran-D vs Adaro – My name is Hardstyle (A2 rec)

Ran-D and Adaro – In For the Kill (bootleg remix) (free webrelease)

DJ Adaro – Hit you with that Bang Shit

DJ Adaro – The Haunter of the Dark

DJ Adaro – No Time to Sleep

In 2011 Ran-D and Adaro started a new live-act called Gunz For Hire:


Gunz for Hire – Gangsters Don’t Dance

Gunz for Hire – Put it On

Gunz for Hire – The Cycle

Gunz for Hire – Evolution Complete

Gunz for Hire – Kings of the Underground

Gunz for Hire feat. Ellie – Sorrow

Gunz for Hire – De Weg Kwijt