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Adam Scott grew up amidst a large family in Colorado. Being one of seven children spawned his desire to stand out from the crowd. He knew from an early age he wanted to make music. He did not have a direction to the sounds he wanted to make until the mid nineties when he was first introduced to music he could only describe as “Techno”. These driving rhythmic beats changed the way Adam Scott viewed the world of music. In 1998 Adam Scott heard the sounds of Andre Tannenberger (ATB) with his breakthrough track “Don’t Stop” and knew not only could music inspire the soul, but also he now had a direction. He had get his hands wet and create music with hard percussive beats and thought provoking melodies. From that moment Adam Scott set out to greatly expand his musical comprehension and experiences by studying the different electronic genres and production methods. He has proceeded to start up two companies with electronic music and production in mind. He has partnered up with numerous Djs/Producers including GHOSH and producer D Williams and has produced over 15 tracks. His latest works include “Surface for Air” and the hit “Pusher”.