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Adam Meza

Los Angeles, United States

Progressive House, Trance

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Adam Meza is an Electronic Dance Music DJ based out of Los Angeles, California that specializes in Electro, Progressive House & Progressive Trance.

Adam Meza began to take on a challenging DJ carreer with his primary style, known as Trance. And at the age of 21, he launched his first radio show on Afterhours.FM when the station had been around for only 6 months. Over the years, the station grew signifinicantly and has now become one of the most popular radio stations on the Internet. Throughout doing his radio show and testing his sounds towards small venues in LA, Adam continued to refine and expand his style to a more wide array of genres over the years that would appeal more towards a general audience as well as his own. Growing up in the exposure of the Electronic Dance Music scene in Los Angeles where the majority of EDM lovers are drawn towards House Music, Adam has learned to distinguish the musical elements from different genres that appeals towards not only to local Los Angeles House music lovers, but also towards an audience of listeners around the world, and after many years of working with Afterhours.FM. A changed had to be done when he branched on towards a new station known as Pure.FM that helped him expand his style of music furthur with his Progressive House style. After a year with Pure.FM, iHeartRadio, one of Americas famous Internet radio platform owned by Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc. reached out to Adam Meza in doing syndicated mixes for their new channel launch. The launch of iHeartRadio’s new channel “Trancid” was born. After being on board for few years with Trancid (iHeartRadio), the station merged its DJ Artists with Electric Sound Stage (iHeartRadio) which is now known for purely DJs & mix sets, and Trancid (iHeartRadio) has become the channel for purely EDM music listening. Now in todays more vastly expanded Electronic Danc Music scene now has an unfamiliar genre known as “Trouse,” a genre style hybrid of Trance and House elements blended together to create more melodic club beats. This style has been quite controversial over the last few years since it has been coming around. Adam Meza continues to expand his style furthur with new sounds as the EDM scene keeps growing.

Adam Meza features his own Radio Show known as “Epic Moments” on Electric Sound Stage (iHeartRadio) which is aired twice a month & plays some of his best Electro, Progressive House & Progressive Trance selections in today’s popular Electronic Dance Music scene. Adam Meza has done 3 radio shows & over a dozen guest mixes for DJs around the world throughout his carreer as a DJ and has started his Production Career working on a colabaration with a known LA local DJ talent, Arthur Galestian.

With an ear for an open mind, Adam’s taste in music has allowed him to develop his styles over the years by bringing his style of genres all together. Adam’s wide range can go anywhere from Electro House & Techno to Progressive House to Progressive Trance, Vocal & Uplifting Trance.