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Guatemala City, Guatemala


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Reincarnated in earth born in the land of Guatemala. Raised as a musician, played several musical instruments as a kid such as piano and saxophone. Influenced by a great variety of genres growing up but mainly by Classical Music.Later in his adolescence he was influenced by Rock and Metal, playing in various local garage bands.

In 2000 he was drifted by the sound of electronic music, influenced by experimental bands and techno/trance scenes from that time. Finding Psytrance in 2004, he instantly fell in love with the sound and quickly started to develop an interest in taking it to the next level. He started djing in 2005 participating in small gigs around Guatemala.

In 2006 he decides to move to Argentina. Where he has been traveling and playing in many events since the past few years, also organizing festivals and designing digital artwork.

His DJ music style can go through various genres, such as Ambient, Dub, Chillout, Techno, and various forms of Psychedelic Trance. Together with other cosmic brothers they founded Sounds 4 Gaia, an event promoter, audiovisual productor and record label.

Our mission is to create Art that resonates in harmony with the core of the planet. And to keep spreading positive vibrations in this moment of transition for our world.

The time has come…