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Active Limbic System


Borderline, Borderline Classics , Crashing Waves
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Active Limbic System is a, recently formed, trance duo from Greece. They’re producing high quality trance with psy influences and epic sequences. Active Limbic System is made up by George Tripas and Michalis Patakas.

George Tripas is the DJ and the frontman of the duo. He’s responsible for the massive sets, the deals, the promotion etc.

Michalis Patakas is the producer. The guy behind their own sonic magic.

George and Michalis met in a trance event and while they were sharing their love for trance, they decided to try making their own trance music. At that time, George was already a fan of electronic music for almost a decade and Michalis was experimenting on electronic music production for 2 years, just for fun.

From that point, in 2 years, they achieved quite a few things in the scene. They entered Beatport’s Top 100 charts with their huge hit “Xibalba”, they released in top class trance labels like “Discover Records”, “Borderline Music” and “Solaris Recordings”, just to name a few and they gained support by the likes of Aly & Fila, Activa, Simon Bostock, John Dopping and more.

Hyped for their original style and for their detailed productions, Active Limbic System, are here to stay. Having a lot of new ideas and production in the makings, if there is one thing certain, is that there’s no limit for these guys. They’re here to stay and every trance fan is really happy about it.