Top 50k on The DJ List

Active 8

Stockholm, Sweden

Breaks, House


Born March 2, 1987 in Upplands Vasby, Stockholm Sweden, Pontus, a.k.a Active 8, grew up in a pretty normal world, without the knowledge of what music had to offer. Even though his two elder brothers both listen to dance music, Pontus was to young to understand the true passion behind this kind of music. But at the age of nine, Pontus was introduced to world of house music, by his old friend Erik. Now he had finally realized the true spirit of house music and his interest increased quickly. He soon began to develop his own taste. Finally both of them went different ways, Erik went for Metal and Pontus went to develop his taste and discover the magnificent world of trance and house.

A couple of years later in 2001, Pontus got a new teammate in his hockey team and it turned out that this person were a DJ. So they both started to talk about DJ:ing. This was not new to Pontus but he didn’t know so much about it. He finally got the information necessary to start his DJing carrier.

Soon after that, Pontus began to make his own original composition. Still, they are not revealed in public due to the fact that Pontus needs more time to develop his skills.

“I liked the idea of playing at a club, making the people dance all night long, so here I am, struggling hard to get there”, Pontus says. He wants the people to be inspired and “feel” his music throughout their entire body.