Born in April 2nd 1987, his father was a piano amateur and his mother was a teacher, Aurlien aka DJ Acsoft grows in music world. Since childhood, he was interested by electronic music, he can listen that on the TV with Daft Punk clip’s.

When Acsoft was 13th years old, acsoft listen by chance an house emission, he falls under its spell, and contact the DJ of this emission. Now, Acsoft want to mix.

He became on computer when he was 16th, because he haven’t other choice, he is still a student but has a job in order to buy his first vinyls players. He became to mix house music. One day, he listens a mix of Armin Van Buuren, Acsoft should be 17th years old, and this is the revelation, the discovery of a nicely, and so sweet music : the Trance.

After, Acsoft buys Trance vinyls, and focus in this style ; he stops the school for work in music only, buy better equipements, and many vinyls.

Acsoft have many objectives, the first is change his country, import the Trance in France, this music witch have modify all Europe.

Acsoft is also an utopian, who like do many free concerts for all people, and all the countries whoes can’t leave in a safety life, give to the population the music for forget misery, and live for one night an moment of love and peace.

After three years of support to Armin Van Buuren who became the best DJ in the world in 2007, Acsoft want to join him in the top 100, and take is place, as soon as possible.