Acme Beatport


Acme was already born with pure musical talent. Coming from a family of professional musicians he was naturally destined to fit right in. Playing the drums since he was able to hold a pair of drumsticks and having various lessons on guitar and piano from his own parents he started to find other ways to experiment with music. At the age of twelve, Acme discovered a DJ called Glen Friscia on his local airwaves. That’s when he decided to take up DJ’ing as his main hobby for the rest of his life. Soon after he embraced all types of music. Being extremely open-minded he played everything from Hip-Hop to Chill-Out while staying true to his house music roots. As time went by he went from playing local bars and clubs to countless raves and finally to New York where he held a two year residency at Tunnel (kurfew) alongside DJ Neo. This residency opened up more doors from Sound Factory to Twilo to finally Limelight. Now playing alongside with Donny Marano (who is responsible for bringing the rave scene to the Newark, NJ area) these two have had countless bookings throughout the whole tri-state area. Acme will forever be a DJ at heart even though production has been a main priority. Playing sets of deep house and progressive house, he will still stay true to his roots where ever there are parties with open-minded people.