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Acid Jack is the creative juggernaut of Melbourne Australia based artist Antonio Celestino.

An outspoken purveyor of cutting edge dance music, Acid Jack is like computers making sweet synthesised digital love while driving a Ferrari. On a Beach. At Night. In semi-live or DJ format, his amazing/magical club & festival stage performances are radical to the power of incredible. Acid Jacks is no mere disco car wash for your ear-drums. Acid Jacks isn’t just some dirty one night ear sex. Acid Jack is 1000 % Grade-A Dance Awesome. Acid Jack holds centre stage in the court of dance royalty, dance legendary and other dance-isms. Did you say “Dance”? well then you must be thinking: “Acid Jacks”.

From banging out material on New Yorks uber chic Trouble & Bass Recordings to running his own label imprint Idiot House Records (visit Beatport to hear any of 50+ releases), or jerking out mixes, remixes & collaborations with super producers like Boy 8-Bit, Goose, Drop The Lime, The Subs, Crookers, Alex Gopher, MSTRKRFT & more, Acid Jack is a well recognised name on the international dance music circuit – colouring the disco-floor landscape in hues of awesomeness on the edge of insanity.

Simply put, be it in the role of producer, label boss, heavy-bass dance terrorist, eco warrior or deep space techno explorer – Acid Jack explodes all over your scene like an assault on your sex sensors – here to destroy everything you know about dance music & replace it with his own brand of noise-tastic acid mutant funk – from the future! Acid Jack.

File under: awesome.