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Nick Pateman, AKA DJ Abstraction, is a 25 year old professional software engineer from Kent, now living on the South Coast of England, a stone throw away from the clubbing capital of England, Brighton. He has been dabbling with computer software since the very early age of 5, and taking it up as a career at the age of 18. Although the world of software engineering and DJing may seem worlds apart, his sole intention was to be able to convey emotions and feelings through the medium of computer software, unfortunately the route he took was not able to fill this desire, and so he decided to see if he could fulfill this need through a hobby instead.

DJ Abstraction has been mixing since the latter half of 2005. His first step into the world of DJing was via low end computer hardware and mixing software, namely the Hercules DJ Console and Virtual DJ. He spent a year learning the basic technicalities of mixing Trance and building an extensive collection of music before upgrading to a Behringer BCD2000, in order to hone his skills with a more traditionally designed and ergonomic piece of hardware.

DJ Abstraction produced many mixes during his first year and a half, whilst sharing many of them with the online community of MusicV2. He also spent a considerable amount of time designing a set of graphics in order to represent is productions, as well as creating artwork for each and every mix that he releases. The reason for this is that he wants to provide mixes that create strong memories through every means possible, even the name.

In April 2007, DJ Abstraction finally took his initial step toward the professional side of DJing by purchasing a set of Denon DNS-1000 CD Decks and a Numark DXM-06 Digital Mixer. After a short, but steep learning curve of the finer arts of mixing, and beat matching, he released his first mix set, named Eden, aptly named in order to represent the next stage of his dream, and feelings of personal accomplishment.

Shortly before DJ Abstraction had reached competency upon his new decks, he was contacted by someone on the other side of the world, DreamensioN, an extremely talented Australian DJ with a huge following of listeners. He approached DJ Abstraction about providing a guest mix for his monthly radio show on Afterhours. That following month, Echos of Euphoria was released as a double CD Trance set, CD 1 mixed by DreamensioN, with the guest mix on CD 2 being provided by DJ Abstraction. DJ Abstraction remained good friends with DreamensioN after the first guest mix, and was honored to also be given the chance to provide a CD for his popular trance series, Universal Language. Thusly, Universal Language 009 features CD 2 as a guest mix provided by him and to this day, remains one of his personal favorites.

Late September 2007, DJ Abstraction was contacted by the owner of Afterhours and offered his own spot on the ever expanding, and hugely popular online EDM station. This was a proud moment for DJ Abstraction, as his first compilation series was born, Beyond Consciousness. Putting a vast majority of his spare time into perfecting his mixing technique, and developing his website so that people can keep up to date, as well as give feedback, DJing has become a very big part of DJ Abstractions life.

His musical taste has always been quite eclectic as he draws from all corners of the EDM melting pot in order to provide a unique feel to his mixes. Taking inspiration from House, Electronica, Trance and Progressive, DJ Abstraction has developed his own style and following of regular listeners, proving time and again that he has something new to bring to the table. Although his skills are far from complete, he remains committed and passionate about DJing as well as slowly learning how to produce tracks of his own, which he hopes that one day will be played by fellow DJs.

On a final note, DJ Abstraction would like to express a huge thanks to the producers of any tracks that he has used, or uses in the future, as well as anyone who has given him help, advice and feedback along the way. And of course, the biggest thanks of all goes to those that listen.