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Abraxas, aka David “The Savage”, has long since rocked the Dirty South with unique style of vinyl manipulation. This Drum and Bass turntablist is best known for his flawless mixing skill and remembered for his impeccable track selection, produced tracks, and hot remixes.

He is from the Isle of Palms, SC, which is just North of Charleston. There the sandy beaches are full of kids who really come to life when the sun goes down and Abraxas is the DJ that keeps them on their feet. There’s never a dull moment when this one is on the decks. He attacks the machines with brute force as he cuts and scratches like a machete through this jungle we call South Carolina.

Since his start in 1997, he waited till the time was right to pounce onto the Drum and Bass scene has never been stronger than now. He has spun vinyl at club Tribeca in the vacation hot spot Myrtle Beach, played underground raves in Florence, spring break beach parties in Jacksonville, FL and brought the new year in right in NY along with his residency at the Living Room in Charleston. Abraxas is newly back from a 7 month detour to Seattle where he began Illintent Ent with Craig Ceresoli, aka KIDD FA REAL. In this short detour, Abraxas played weekly with the crew Future Solid and began a monthly Drum and Bass night at the venue EN (Japanese for destination). He also graced club Contour with his hard hitting bass beats.

Now, back in Charleston, Abraxas performs at Southeastern events under Pound4Pound promotional crew.