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Abhishek Mantri

Pune, India

House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco

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Abhishek Mantri is a man whose life’s mantra has been “music” for almost 20 years. A Producer, an inventor, a pure music professional, DJ Abhishek Mantri is an EDM connoisseur; his motto- to stay on top of the Pune party scenes and EDM scenes across India and Asia. He has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Akon, Chainsmokers, Micheal Woods, Mark Night, J.Sean, Clauzia Cazacu, Tommi Pixan, Namito, Jody Wisternoff, Caroline Banxx, Guy J, CID INC, Tocandeo, Hannah Wild, Smoking circles, Ezze, DJ ATX to name a few. He has played at many festivals such as the Enchanted calley carnival that featured artists like ATB, Bass Jackers, Martin Garrix, Taio Cruz and many more.