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Abelha Supersonica

United States


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ThE Life is….MUSIC***..***mUsIc__is__LIVE***


“making music is like breathe…”


Abelha Supersónica-vocalectro hardware live act

Abelha Supersónica is a singer, songwriter, live artist, djane, composer & sounddesigner and uses every possibility to make music in different ways to process what happens around.

She was playing in Bolivia, Spain, Portugal, Germany and won some Beatbattles & the french-german DJane Contest. In August 2012 was the Release of her „She´s gone“ RMX for Marc Schütt on Kurzstrecken Musik, other remix requests are in work… She´s creating all her music in a way of session, all her stuff is totally live with the help of different toys like synthesizer, sampler, mics, looper, groovebox, effects & more. She loves to create music in a live process in different variations.

After giving DJ Workshops, singing & performing with her machines in different projects, she is focusing now more on her own vocalectro Live Act „Abelha Supersónica“, her new Band „Olivia FX“ and making Remixe & vocals for selected Artists from all over the world.

Abelha´s musical spectrum is endless but the mission to seize the crowd & rock the asses is the reason why she loves the danceable rhythm & to play in the clubs or Festivals.

Her live gigs are full of energy, pure love for sounds & atmospheres and combined with her voice a very special trip that one must have experienced.

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DJ & LIVE Gigs:

>>>national Gigs:

French-German [email protected] (Berlin), Lee Harvey Oswald Bar (Berlin), Divinyl (Berlin), Mary Jane Bar (Berlin), Schnabelbar (Berlin), Habermeyer (Berlin), Kuenstliche Beatmung (Berlin), Roter Salon (Berlin), Casino (Berlin), Hangar (Berlin), Artefakt (Berlin), Tacheles (Berlin), Rosis (Berlin), Ponylounge (Berlin), ZMF (Berlin), Sinneswandeln (Berlin), Polar TV (Berlin), DeLicious Doughnuts (Berlin), Ruderclub Mitte (Berlin), Insel der Jugend (Berlin), Schwuz (Berlin), 103 Club (Berlin), about blank (Berlin), Wiesenweg 5 (Berlin), Kili (Berlin), Waxlounge (Nürnberg), Breeza Festival (Altdöbern), Gleisdreieck (Frankfurt am Main), Das Bett (Frankfurt am Main), Saal 9 (Berlin), Kingkongklub (Berlin), Camp Tipsy 2012, Open [email protected] (Berlin), Gretchen (Berlin), Antitarifreform DEMO (Berlin), Schönwetter (Berlin), New York (Berlin), Freimeuter (Berlin), Sanatorium 23 (Berlin)

>>>international Gigs:

BOLIVIEN: Club Bed (Santa Cruz), Unity Festival & RS-Club (La Paz)

SPAIN: DJ-Workshops & playing for Langnese Summer Club/ Isla Cristina

PORTUGAL: Capela, Mexe Cafe (Lisboa)

Italy: on the street (Venezia, Florenz, Pisa)

2010/03 & 2011/07 Winner BEATBATTLE, Frankfurt am Main 2002/06 Winner german & french-women-Djane-Contest @ Polar TV in Berlin


Abelha was born in a music world…always moving from one place to the other…to satisfy the endless search of her mother for the right place.

So she could never build a band but was playing always with her voice, percussions & instruments until she found the way to produce her own music (;

The first contact was with turntables anno 1999, since 2002 she was also starting her own music arrangements/ producing. In the beginning still with an atari & a wonderful analog synhti, later more & more hardware…

Since 2008 Abelha Supersónica is creating her music only with hardware/ electronic music instruments.

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