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Abel Almena was born in Matar- Barcelona (Spain) in 1973. At a very early age he started to realize that music was going to play a very important role in his life. He studied music, being interested n all kind of music he also learned to play the guitar and other instruments.

When he was 12 he started experimenting and so he managed to crate his very first mixes cutting and pasting pieces of tape with the songs he managed to record from the radio.

When he was 14 he got his first mixing equipment and his first mixing table. However, this mixing equipment was lacking pitch which made him acquire a great expertise n mixing due to the difficult task of mixing with bad equipment.

At the age of 16 he started to work as a light DJ in a club called “nivell” which happened to be the flavor of the month’s disco in the maresme area and in no time he became second DJ.

In 1990 he started to work for the great DJ and entrepreneur David Oleart working at the “Chasis” night club he brought for the first time ever in Catalonia (Spain) the concept of Manchester sound which is a combination of industrial sound, acid house, new beat and end of the 80’s and early 90’s British pop) and it was the music from Front 242, Sisters of Mercy, Nitzzereb, Front line Assembly, Split, a second etc, etc., that really inspired Abel back then.

Two years and a half later, he leaves for Sabadell with his best mate and starts a new project which ends up becoming a better beat at the Concor discotheque.

In 1995 he starts yet another project, the macro-club area Concor (Sant Quirze- Barcelona) which held more than 15.000 visitors every weekend until 9 years later in 2004 area closed down. During those years at area and after several years of experience under his belt he created and co-created more than 20 music themes. (first production of Base Station-Space Dog) including the complete collection of “rea” amongst which we find songs like “Music 4 your eyes”, “facta non verba”, “the spirit of rea” or “definition of tekto” and several of them reached the number one in the lists AFYVE during several weeks. His last production is Millennium-Day after Day (2006) ,it becomes a great hit in a lot of charts and top hits lists.

In January 2005 he starts his current residence at the Millennium & Cosmicclub Sils in Girona (Spain) every Saturday nights where he ends up as head DJ bringing his expertise and creativity into the DJ’s team and as a result brining a beat of festival, feeling and complicity to his audience. Now he is also the resident dj at Pacha (La Pineda) every Sunday afternoon. Abel is also a great speaker. He combines his residencies, with techHouse, ElectroHouse and tribal Sets dj’ing around the world.

Due to his long career as a DJ he has worked for many years in a vast variety of styles, Progressive, House, Trance, Techno, Dance, “Electro”, “Minimal” .and a big etc…which makes him a real “music expert” specializing in dance music of the last 20 years.